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On December 21, 1993, the activities of the 3 Tactical Wing at the Bierset air base (Liège) were put to an end due to the downsizing plans of military facilities. This airbase first hosted the “Aeronautique Militaire” followed by the Air Force since 1914.

On December 19, 2013, almost 20 years to the day, the “Fraternelle des Anciens du 3 Wing Tactique” (brotherhood of former personal of the 3 Tactical Wing) inaugurated the installations of the 'White Bison' museum which had been renovated lately.

The “Fraternelle” was founded in 1986 and took the name “White Bison” in 1989 - the bison being the symbol of the 3 Tactical Wing - and one of its first goals was to reunite all the possible remnants and to keep all those souvenirs of the rich history of the base and its units. In the beginning this museum was located in the former barracks De Cubber and was forced to move following modification in the organization of the airbase and the end of the activities of the Wing. Since the installation of the Wing Heli (at present at Beauvechain airbase), the museum was relocated into the staff-building and nowadays occupies the whole location (basement and ground level).

Thanks to the zealous labor of some former Wing-members, voluntarily and with subdued financial means of about 900 members of the “Fraternelle”, the museum, recently renovated and reorganized presented itself this December 19, in its most beautiful array, offering the visitors a discovery of some 20 halls bringing, by theme, collections forward of an invaluable richness retracing the eras from 1914 to 2010.

The main entrance

Moreover the museum recently received the complete collection of scale models from François OBERGE, numbering more than 3000 pieces placed in well arranged showcases.

After the speech of chairman Dany GREGOIRE, the representative-mayor of Grâce-Hollogne Maurice MOTTARD, assisted by two former base commanders (Colonel Aviator Paul JOUREZ and André JARDON), proceeded to the official inauguration of the museum on this Thursday December 19, 2013, in the presence of almost a hundred members of the “Fraternelle”.

Without any doubt, the White Bison museum signed up on the list of very beautiful museums regarding aeronautical military activities in Belgium and certainly is worth a visit to perpetuate the heritage and souvenirs of all who worked for our defence.

A more complete overview of these collections will be coming soon in our 'Museum'-pages.

The guests awaiting the official opening Many members of the 3rd Tactical Wing
Speech of Dany Grégoire the president The inauguration by Mr Mottard and Colonel er Jourez
Speech of Colonel er Jardon
The main hall Engines
A fabulous crest collection Historical overview of the base allocations
The USAF during World War II Some models

Instruments and dashboard

The fabulous Mirage era
Welcome in the past The squadron members year by year
Flight simulator Overview of foreign visitors
The Wing Heli era

Many models made by François Oberge

A diorama of the Albert Chanel atacks by the Belgian Fairey Battle
Much more... ...and more beautifull models
Belgian Air Force wood models, a realization of Hubert Sermon

How to get to the museum :


Highway E42 – exit "LIEGE BIERSET " – than follow "Base Militaire "

Practical information :

Ancienne base militaire
Route de Velroux


Free entrance.

 Open : every Thursday from 10:00 till 16:00h and
the first Sundays of the month from 10:00 till 12:00.


Group visits to be requested to Dany GREGOIRE - 04/265 32 41 – gregoiredany@yahoo.fr


GPS location : 50° 39' 02" N - 5° 26' 13" E

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