Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Danny Carels, Serge van Oosterzee, Bruno Ghils & Laurent Cuvelier  © sbap 2013

I would like to begin with a summary of 2013, emphasizing already that it was a rich year with a wide variety of reports. In fact, we published about 65 pages in the sections events, museums and archivalia, which is a very respectable average. That said, the number of visits of the site since its beginning have most certainly surpassed a million visits. To be more precise, in 2013 saw some 120,000 different visitors to 270,000 pages visited. But let's stop with the numbers, although our favorites are usually registered to aircraft after ST or FA codes...
The year 2014 will be special for SBAP and this is why in addition to the team, we were pleased to welcome some guests. Indeed, 2014 will be the year of our tenth anniversary. The idea of creating SBAP was born in 2004 and became reality with the launch of the site, but also with the idea of publishing books. Being able to celebrate 10 years is really great in itself, and this is notably due to the work done by our collaborators. As in any business , some are joining the ranks , others have left, but this is not a subject to discuss in this holiday season ... Let's start with collaborators who have made the success of 2013 possible. Marc "Turbo" Arys, who started the adventure with me, Laurent "Buzz" Cuvelier who made his debut, Bruno " Geebee " Ghils who chased the "Belgians" practically everywhere, Serge
"Wall-E" Van Oosterzee who, despite my recommendations, would not hang himself in the cables at Chamonix for reporting the mountain rescues, Anthony "Fulcrum" Graulus who certainly loves the atmosphere of airshows happening much more to the East , Gérard Gaudin, from the Belga agency who does not hesitate to provide news items with photos , Danny "Tomcatters" Carels, always ready to go see the other side of the "channel", and Jef Pets who completes our pages by being in places where we could not, finally myself, "Tweety", who benefits from his youth and especially the understanding of his wife to travel thousands of kilometers to bring the best images possible. Also thanks to the collaborators who could not join us. Alexander "Tex" Vandenbohede, our talented designer, Régis "Rage" Rocca, our correspondent / Designer from the South of France to whom we owe two magnificent machines from the Air Force this year, Danny "Viper" De Clercq, a fan of old machinery and other museums, and finally two other who are less known, Gerald Daguin and Christian De Brabanter.
The creation of a site or other publications often requires work that takes place in the shadows. This, for example, is the case for the translations that have been carried out throughout the year by David "So6" Niemegeerts and Marc "Turbo" Arys. Finally, note the involvement of Bruno, who became our "Twitter" contact and by doing this, has really boosted the number of visitors. A nod to Yves Duwelz who also has been advertising SBAP in the world of aviation. And then there was the administrative part ... to deal with this, Danielle "Flea" Lowagie, who took the sometimes ungrateful secretarial function.

In an aviation cathedral for our meeting
(Serge van Oosterzee)

Celebrating 10 years of existence should be done adequately, and that is why we had the pleasure of having special guests. When you love military aviation, we cannot remain indifferent to the feats of an acrobatic team. My youth made it so that I could admire the Red Devils on Fouga Magister, and it is with pleasure that we could welcome the man who was the first leader in 1965 , "Red" Dewaelheyns. Many years after the Fouga, the "Reds" resumed service on Marchetti to our great enjoyment. We had a part of the team with us, which made us very happy! Over the reports, they have become friends. I would like to thank them for their presence, for their support and for their friendship. "Papy", "Paul", "Daffy", "Mag" and "Stef" ... Thank you, thank you for everything!
But what would a team be with only planes and pilots? .. Nothing! You understand that I am talking about the mechanics and PR. They also became friends and to enjoy airshows with the whole team was a delight. "Danny", "Voske", "Jacko", "Bart", "Didier", "Kristof" and "Fifi", thank you for everything.
We had also planned to host the one who, for two years now, twirls the FA84 in the great blue with a big shot of "flares", our national "Grat" who, since the beginning of his demo career offered us his help, support, friendship and his perpetual smile, but due to personal reasons was unable to join the team today. And then there was another grand presence who, during the launch of our book project on the Fouga , honored us by giving his vote of confidence. Given that we wanted to achieve a complete result, he did not hesitate to open doors unrestricted at Beauvechain and put everything at our disposal to achieve our goal. He was the last solo display pilot on the Fouga, Paul Rorive. I would like to stress that this first book has opened a lot of doors and it is partly thanks to that, that SBAP could continue unabated.
Finally , what would a book or a website without readers? Not much ... it is obvious that I was not able to invite our 100,000 readers from 2013. However, we had the pleasure of receiving an avid reader... Alain Debras, who does not hesitate to send us emails of encouragement regularly. Thank you Alain. But our faithful reader did not come alone ... his son, Alexander "Switch" Debras was also there with his wife Virginie. A small word for you, Virginie. Next Dijon-Darois, we'll be present in force, to get some Belgian atmosphere in there!
With these few lines, I would like to thank the base of Beauvechain and the museum responsible, to have been able to organize our drink at their home, in this place full of history. A big thank you to Danielle Trève for the organization with the base authorities, Jean-Pierre for being our bartender, and Raymond Delestinne, who was the appointed engineer of the "Silvers" in the 70's, and for his guided tour and his endless explanations. To finish in beauty, it was time to discover the special badge for 10 years SBAP...
Thus concluding an afternoon full of true conviviality, it is time to think about celebrations for the end of the year, and then start over again ... go for SBAP in 2014... Always the good heading!

When a Devil meet a Devil... (Danny Carels) "Wall-E" and "So6" (Danny Carels)
The number 1 and number 4 (Danny Carels) Some of the Devils technicians in good company (Danny Carels)
Paul Rorive, Gérard Gaudin and Baudouin Litt (Danny Carels) Assistance listening the word of the "Boss" (Laurent Cuvelier)
Paul Rorive, Jacques "Red" Dewaelheyns and Danny Carels (Bruno Ghils)
"Tweety", "Fulcrum" Stephane, "Turbo" and "Geebee" pic 1 (Bruno Ghils) - pics 2 & 3 (Danny Carels)
A little word to thanks everybody for the good job in 2013 (Bruno Ghils)
The place to be...the bar... (Laurent Cuvelier) (Danny Carels)
Virginie, "Switch" and "Stef" (Bruno Ghils) Be happy...be SBAP (Bruno Ghils)
(Bruno Ghils) (Bruno Ghils)
The woman "Wendy" and "Flea" talking about the last flight...heu shopping...
(Danny Carels)
"Booly", "Turbo", "Paul" and "Flea"
(Laurent Cuvelier)
(Serge van Oosterzee) "Jef", "Tweety" and "Stef" in great aeronautical discussion (Bruno Ghils)
"Red" signing a SBAP Fouga book (Danny Carels) Same for "Paul" souvenir of the last solo display (Danny Carels)
The special SBAP patch edited for the 10th anniversary
The One-O-Four (Bruno Ghils)
Baudouin Litt and Paul Rorive visiting the museum (Danny Carels) An exceptional guide... Raymond Delestinne (Bruno Ghils)
Like a teacher!
(Serge van Oosterzee)
Later on, a complete overview is planned in our museum pages
 (Serge van Oosterzee)
10/10 blue sky and some ULM using EBBE runway, here a Dragonfly
(Bruno Ghils)
Aeriane Swift ULM glider
(Bruno Ghils)
(Bruno Ghils)

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