Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2013

The Salon du Bourget is also a platform where we find historical airplanes, who have accomplished astonishing feats for certain constructors, or renowned pilots. Let’s not forget that the airport of Bourget was the scene for milestones such as the arrival of Charles Lindbergh, after its first Atlantic Crossing. The salon also offers the possibility to watch several aerobatic planes which already have proven their worth, and are presented with incredible mastery, by aerobatic figures undeniably related to the French aviation.

A preview here…

Red Bull Lockheed P-38L

Breitling Lockheed Constellation

Antonov AN.2

Potez CM-173 Fouga Magister

Original Ansaldo SVA.9 from 1918 retreived in the US by Aeritalia Aermacchi MB;308
The constellation in flying demonstration
Douglas DC-3 in Air France colours (Pierre Taquet) (Pierre Taquet)
The Fouga in demonstration
Yves Duval at command and "Jack" Krine in backseat
Globe GC-18 Swift owned by Guillaume Feral, especialy modified for for his pilot suffering legs handicapt A beautifull lesson of life and courage!
Pipistrel Virus SW80 Arrived at Le Bourget for the opening after a world around trip started one year ago
Congratulation for this amzing scientific trip to Clémentine and Adrien the pilots

Already known at Le Bourget, the Stolp SA-300 Starduster

The LH-10 Ellipse
Sbach 300 Extreme
Extra 330SC Miss Catherine Maunoury, always aerobatic freak
François "Ralloche" Rallet from the EVAA

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