Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2013

The static exposition of the salon was about 54 000 m², of which about 130 machines were airplanes. Certain planes or helicopters were brand new, others were already in active use, but have been improved or modified, to expand their offer and to open up new markets, accessible to different types of users. We invite you to run through the exposition, and discover all those wonders of the worldwide aeronautics industry.

Airbus A380. Will be delivered to the British company soon The new commer from Airbus the A350 did a little apparition on Friday

Airbus A350 cockpit section structures

A320 NG from Air New Zealand on Monday... ...and in TAM colours on Tuesday
Airbus Military A330 MRT begin to be a commercial succes The European star of the 50th edition, the A400M "Atlas"
Eurocopter AS 532 "Cougar" Equipped as "gunship" model
Eurocopter EC-645 T2 Eurocopter AS 565 MBe "Panther"
The X-3 took the helicopter speed reccord not a long time ago
with a speed of 255 knots (472 Km/h)
Eurocopter EC-135 from the Gendarmerie Nationale
EADS E-Fan, an electrical propulsed aircraft EADS Diamond HK-36 Super Diamona
The French Armée de l'Air area with the new commer NH-90 EC 665 "Tigre"
Dassault Mirage 2000D Mirage 2000N in use of the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement)
The Dassault Rafale and his armament capabilities Dassault is involved in the Breitling Soar project
The future for many air forces, the NH-90, here in TTH version ATR 72-600 forseen for Avianca Colombie

Airbus A320 equipped with the EGTS system.

The egts system mounted on the main wheel permiting a taxi without using the engines
Dornier DO 228 NG A320 ATRA: Advanced Technology Research Aircraft
This aircraft is a real test laboratory used in different aeronautical research.
Hundred years of Italian Aeronautical industry in 2 pictures : The Ansaldo SVA.9 and the Project Zero

The Agusta Westland Project Zero was revealed to the aeronautical world two weeks before Paris Airshow. It a UAV helicopter equipped with electrical/diesel tilt rotor. Some other Italian company are involved in this program like Selex for the software of the machine, Ansaldo-Breda for the electrical engine ondulator and control calculator and Ansaldo Energia for propulsion system. Designed and constructed in just six month's, in the greates secrecy, the project received also the contribution of the car designr Stile Bertone. The wings bring the most important part of the lift but the body fairing and rotor are also involved for a part. The wings can be removed and the machine used as a normal unmanned helicopter.The greatest part of this aerial vehicle is made from composite materials, the outer surfaces are made from carbon and graphite.The Project Zero is powered by rechargeable batteries. Those batteries can be reloaded in a normal way or by the machine itself, using the rotor blade like wind turbine. The aircraft flew for the first time in June 2011 in upmost secret, in the Agusta Westland facilities of Cacina Costa. The first flight remain the aircraft captive, the other flights only stationary in a secure area. Despite six months of testing, AW did not mention translation flight.

(Courtesy Agusta Westland) (Courtesy Agusta Westland)
SF.26 in turboprop version... ...but with a brand new glass cockpit
Aermacchi M345 is an evolution of the former Siai S-211 EF 2000 Typhoon

MC-27J "Spartan" in gunship configuration
The automatic gunning system mounted in the cargo bay
Selex is specialised in UAV conception like the Falco EVO
AW 189 HH-139 from Aeronautica Militare Italiana
AW 169 Based on the Lynx, the AW 159 "Wildcat"
Sukhoi SU-35S Yakovlev YAK-130

The P.1HH is a drone derived from the business aircraft "Piaggio "Avanti II" This unmanned aerial vehicle MALE category, is capable to reach the altitude of 45.000 feetand can fly during 16 hours. Equipped with two Pratt and Withney 66B-PTA6A engines, the plane can reach a maximum speed of 395 knots. The mock up of this greatest UAV was revealed during the Paris Airshow (Courtesy Piaggio)

Kamov KA-52 "Aligator", the newest Russian combat helicopter Sukhoi SJ 100 Super Jet from Interjet, was delivered to his owner during a formal ceremony during Paris airshow
The newest regional jet project from Sukhoi, the MC-21
Antonov AN-70, will reach the same market as the A400M The counter-rotating propeller of the AN-70
Antonov AN-158 The Blackhawk revisited by Polish PZL Mielec company
Saab 340MSA maritime patrol aircraft Saab JAS J39 NG
Pilatus PC XII Pilatus PC-21 ready for export
Pilatus is involved in the Swiss Puma and Cougar program The PC 24 Mock up

The Pilatus PC 24 will be a SVJ (Super Versatile Aircraft) with the capability of take of and landing from all terrain. The PC-24 will be powered by a pair of Williams FJ44-4A engines of 3,400 pounds of thrust each. With nearly 6,000 pounds of fuel capacity, the PC-24 has a range of around 1,800 nm. Its maximum cruise speed will be around 425 knots at 30,000 feet. It will be certified to 45,000 feet. Avionics are from Honeywell (the PC-12 features the Apex suite) and the airplane boasts a huge side cargo door that opens to a part of the cabin that is accessible in flight. A flat floor highlights a big cabin with a five-foot ceiling height and large windows. A large, cabin look to make the PC-24 a comfortable place to spend time. The interior, like that of the PC-12, is readily reconfigurable. (Courtesy Pilatus)

The PC design (Courtesy Pilatus) Confortable cabin (Courtesy Pilatus)
Accessible cargo bay (Courtesy Pilatus) Williams FJ44-4A engine (Courtesy Pilatus)

British Aerospace Hawk 100 T2

Hawk 100 T2 pilot office
Tekever AR1 Blue Ray from Portugal Tekever AR4
Boeing B-787 "Deamliner" for Air India... ...and a B-787 already in service with Qatar airlines
Beechcraft T-6C Texan II Beechcraft AT-6 Texan II
Beech 350 ER Super Kingair Cirrus SR22T Porshe equipped
Bell 429 Bell 407GT
KLU C-130H representing Lockheed Martin

General Atomics aeronautical systems Predator B. The Predator B, called the MQ-9 Reaper in US military service, has been sold abroad to both the United Kingdom and Italy. The aircraft is in competition for service in Germany, and rumoured to have already won a contest in France despite lack of official confirmation. General Atomic is working now with Fokker to introduce the Predator in the Netherlands

RQ-7 Shadow Scan Eagle A
Bombardier Q400 NG Global 6000
Global 6000 Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG
Embraer A-29 Super Tucano from the Mauritanian Air Force Embraer 190 Air Astrana
Paris airshow is also a big engines overview... ...but also the last generations of armaments

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