Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2013

Every day during the week of the salon, demonstration flights were done, to underline the performance of certain state-of-the-art planes and helicopters, hoping to attract potential buyers. Unfortunately, some comments appeared on different social networks highlighting the deep disappointment of the public visitors or aviation enthusiasts criticizing the program presentation. I believe we should make a footnote here, and underline the organization’s response that wanted to emphasize that it’s an aeronautical salon with its main goal being a marketplace, and not an airshow. Footnote closed. We must agree that the flight demonstrations of the Eastern countries were a very beautiful show of force. Several beautiful demonstrations of EADS products as well, such as the A380, or the A400M, which certainly was the most visited European plane of the salon. Not forgetting the American developer Boeing, with its “Dreamliner”, presented in the Air India colors.

SAFRAN - Honeywell Airbus A320 Electric Green Taxiing system
Airbus A380 prototype
Airbus A380 to be delivered soon at British Airways
Airbus A350 (Friday June 21st)
(Courtesy Pierre Van Wetter) (Courtesy Pierre Van Wetter)
Airbus Military A400M
Dassault Aviation Falcon 7X
Dassault Aviation Rafale
Eurocopter EC-665 Tigre duo
Issoire Aviation APM 50 "NALA"
Brand new light aircraft designed by Philippe Moniot. The
plane is made in composite material and come to reinforce the constructor catalog after the APM 20 "Lionceau", APM 30 "Lion" and the APM 40 "Simba". The "Nala" is a standart four seater or two seatter only for aerobatic flights.
Kamov KA-52 "Aligator"
Yakovlev YAK-130
Sukhoi SU-35S 3D Vectoring Thrust
Sergey Bogdan at command

Antonov AN-158
Antonov AN-70
PZL Mielec (Sikorsky Company) Blackhawk
Boeing B-787 "Dreamliner" before Air India delivery

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