Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2013

There were about 60 Belgian enterprises that were represented at the “Salon du Bourget 2013 ». all those manufacturers were regrouped in hall n° 3, under the name “Belgian Aerospace”, thus demonstrating the strength of our motto: “L’Union fait la force” (Strength in Unity). Each of theseworks in a specific part of the aeronautics and space market in the world. This is how we find our industry’s respresentatives in very diverse projects like the A380, the A400M, the Embraer regional jet, or even Ariane Space. The aeronautical industry is a steady employment in Belgium, the reason why the presence of our industries is more important than ever on a salon like Bourget. As you will see throughout the photos, some of our enterprises have very innovative projects, uniting daring concepts with ecological visions, completely following the current state of mind of our current era.
n the 19th of June it’s “the Belgian day”, which made some of our colleagues at SBAP go to the salon, to support our enterprises. It’s on this day that SONACA signed a contract extension worth 1 billion dollars with the Brazilian plane constructor, for the production of flaps and slats for the future regional E2 (the new versions of the EMB 190 and EMB 195). Despite all this, some must start over their projects. This is the case for SABCA which, following several modifications on the wings of the Airbus A350 in its version Dash 1000, must start all over again, as they were forced to get back into competition (due to the modifications) to regain a project that was actually already awarded to them, namely the mechanisms of flaps and their fairings. The project for the 800 and 900 remains theirs, but must completely be redesigned for the 1000 version. To conclude, we can say without a doubt that the aeronautical market is going well for Belgium, and that the Belgian aeronautics enterprises were always considered of a very high level, and a reliability second to none, by their international partners.

ASCO is a world leader and specialist from design to manufactoring of hight lift mechanism and complex mechanical subassemblies for the world aerospace industry

SONACA is a world leader in design and production of aircraft structures
A big contract for the SONACA, the Embraer E2 future aircraft (Courtesy Embraer) Based on the current Emb 190 & 195, the E2 will be proposed in 3 versions
Skywin Wallonie is a group of companies specialized in different aeronautical domains. A.E. Petsche is a specialist in interconnect products and is a division of Arrow Electronics company
The SABCA knowhow in flaps and slats construction... ...but also involved in the Belgian Air Force programs and space industry
Techspace Aero specialized in low pressure compressors

Barco and new digitalized instrument systems

Forge of Zeebrugge Thales involved in the Ariane program
The SAGITA project exhibed at GDTech stand. GDtech is a engineering company offering his expertise in various industrial project from design to industrialisation passing thru the simulation of the products The REDT system designed for new generation light helicopter
The Sherpa helicopter from SAGITA company is a little 2 seat light helicopter.
This helicopter is integrated in the ULM category and the owner have just to get a Light Helicopter licence like for a conventional ULM
The revolutionary system working scheme

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