Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2013

The A400M was without a doubt the European celebrity of the salon. We’re not going to review the plane’s turbulent history that heavily influenced the aviation landscape. It was obviously very difficult for the developers to follow a calendar that was way too optimistic, when we know that in the project, everything had to be started on the drawing tables (the plane, as well as its motorization). This will be the subject of a different article. The opportunity to see this plane gave me the idea to do some sort of walkaround, probably caused by my passion for the miniature world, with the goal to help them, and perhaps even give them the desire to create an A400M as realistic as possible, and why not in the colors of the Belgian Air Force, who should receive its first model around 2018. A big, beautiful machine, and surprisingly maneuverable.

Flight refueling probe
Main left entry door Right dropping door and wind deflectors used during the jump

Windshield with a view of the HUD

The nose
Nose wheel and probes Right side cockpit probes
Close up on the probes in front of the nose wheel Forward left hand side probes
Windshields Right view with the emergency door
Right side fuselage / wing section with the emergency door and some air intake The same at left side
Right main landing gear fairing Left main landing gear fairing. Note the battery door location
The tail section The same of the prototype
Detail from the top of the tail section Rear view of the end of fuselage. Note the red parts, this are emergency rocket in case of tail stall (Frequent on "T" tail aircraft).
Only mounted on the prototype aircraft.
Upper left wing Upper right wing
Under side flaps fairing Under left wing
Right flaps section Upper side of the fuselage nose section

Upper fuselage mid section

Upper view of the stabilizer
Under fuselage nose section Under fuselage mid section
Under fuselage tail section with the cargo door Main wheels
Main landing gear and wheels Close up
Nose landing gear Nose whell bay and doors
Cargo section and doors Inside cargo section
Screw details other angle
Engine four right side The same with other angle
Both right engines Engine 2 left side

Engine 1 left side

Rear engine view with the exhaust

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