Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  sbap 2013

Just like migrating birds, once a year gleaming and clanking machines invade the tarmac Melsbroek military air base. As you probably figured out already, it was indeed the Indian Day, which featured its 16th edition this year. Under a blue sky and bright sunshine, fans of two wheels, or even three, had responded to the Sioux call. Less aircraft on the tarmac, but many racers with shiny chrome could be seen. It was an opportunity to meet some soldiers who have a passion for motorcycles in their civilian life. The result is an appealing show to witness these "bikers", and the possibility to take some pictures of a tasty mix between what rides and what flies. One is not far from the other as the common point is the mechanics, permitting all this metal to vibrate and hum. Note the festive atmosphere as well, the pure biker merchandising, far away of the aeronautical stands offering patches, flying suit and other aviation books.

Herks and Bikes
Ivo looking for Fonavibel new items? Far away of the flying suit!
Uniform in the week, bikers clothes the week-end The Vespa team

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