Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text: Luc Dujardin - Pictures: Gérard Famerée © sbap 2013

No, Florennes did not die after the departure of the TLP. Not at all. Meanwhile,  during the last two weeks, 7 Italian Tornados of the 155°Gruppo/50°Stormo “Pantere Nere” (“Black Panthers”) from Piacenza were deployed at Florennes air base. This unit specializes in suppression of enemy air defense (SEAD). They arrived on Monday, April 8th and returned to their home base on Thursday April 18, early in the morning. Arrivals and departures were supported by a C-130 rotation with technical crew and equipment. Those 6 Tornados were deployed to Belgium to make some air-ground and reconnaissance practice missions in the Eiffel area, in the South-West of Germany. The aircraft were seen operating from Florennes in two waves. A first one was lauched in the morning and a second mission was planned in the afternoon. The missions duration was about 1h40. On Monday April 15, one of the home based F-16BM encountered a little problem and the runway was closed for a while. Because of that, the 4 Tornados coming back from their afternoon mission were put in a holding pattern, until 3 of them were finally cleared to land, while the last one seemed to have been diverted to Beauvechain. The sunny weather during the beginning of the second week gave the opportunity to make some interresting pictures of those visitors. One of them (Tornado MM7028/50-52) was wearing and old green-grey camouflage scheme and returned back to Italy on Monday April 15. It was replaced by the Tornado MM7053/50-07.

50 Stormo
MM7053/50-07 arrived on April 15, switched with MM7028/50-52 (camo) returned back to Italy


46 Stormo
MM62193/46-59 130J-30

Always impressive a front view of a Tornado Waiting the allignment clearance for a mission in the German Eifel area
MM7051/50-45  facing the MM7055/50-42 MM7068/50-46 full afterburner take off
MM7068/50-46 in pair at holding point MM7028/50-52 old style camoflage
MM7054/50-40 MM7055/50-42
MM7066/50-03 MM7053/50-07 arrived on April 15
MM7068/50-46 MM7054/50-40
Lockheed C-130J "Juliet" MM62193/46-59
as support with material and technical crew

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