Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Laurent Cuvelier © sbap 2013

The force of the nature:
Strokkur in action to 15 foots high in the Sudurland

The magnificent Jokulsarlon ice lake
and the rest of the volcanic ash from the explosion of 2010

Remember the Ejafyöll volcano that prevented the European navigation in April 2010

Iceland, land of the 4 elements.

Visiting Iceland will leave you speechless. Nature is magnificent, wild, raw, colorful, cool, mineral, explosive ... This island is simply fascinating. Man finally finds itself being no match compared to the majestic nature. However when you need to leave this country, the idea to return has already sprouted in your mind.

Skip this philosophical thought, a view at the Icelandic sky had been scheduled during my trip. By the company Myflug based on the shores of Lake Myvatn (Lake of the flies) located on the north side of the island, we were promised a change of scenery with perfect light conditions for taking aerial photographs. Unfortunately a windy storm started in the center of the island, which lasted three days, kept the aircraft on the ground. With 90 knots crosswind we were not allowed to see the geothermal activity from the sky. In consolation, the pilot gave us a tour of the hangar that day. A shared passion opens doors easily ...You can see on their website what we missed that day.

Sadly, I couldn’t stay in the same place any longer, but it is possible to do the same kind of sightseeing tours almost everywhere in Iceland. Along a trip in Iceland, some wreckage can be seen, like a DC-3 of the U.S. Navy who “touched down" after a fuel problem on the east coast, or a Russian Antonov who landed on the airfield Eyri and never left due to technical damage, and a C-117 D of the U.S. Navy. The two last are stored in the Hnjotur Egill Ólafsson (located in the fjords in the southwest). Sadly the C-117 is quite intact, but was never restored.

flugvellir Reykjahlid (BIRL) some of the Myflug company airplanes: Cessna U206F Stationair  TF-MYF
Cessna U206F Stationair  TF-MYY
Foreign visitor, this Diamond HK-36TC Super Diamona from the Netheland
at take off from Akureyri International Airport
Aerospatiale AS-332L1 Super Puma TF-GNA from the Country's Coast Guard
above Hamrar near Akureyry
Cessna 172N Skyhawk TF-KLM sightseeing tours above Gulfoss
EGILSSTADIR airport (BIEG), in the north north east of the isle
Fokker F50  TF-JMM from Flugfélag Islands The same at take off
Reykjavik domestic Airport (BIRK) under the rain Kerlingafjöll airtrips, in middle of nowere
C-117 D of the U.S. Navy (Hnjotur Egill Ólafsson museum) Antonov  AN.2 (Hnjotur Egill Ólafsson museum)

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