Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text: Serge Van Heertum  -  Pictures : Adj Bart Roselle Comopsair IPR © sbap 2012

In the early eighties, pilot conversion and training was setup in the Wings where the aircraft were introduced. After having converted the 1st and 10th Wings, the General Staff concluded that a centralized training syllabus would be far more efficient and in 1987 the Operational Conversion Unit was officially activated at Beauvechain AB.
The mission of the squadron is to train young graduates coming from basic flight training (Alpha Jet) and also the confirmed F-16 pilots in air defense tactics. Other training was still carried out in the squadrons (for example air-to-ground tactics). After the temporary installation of the Conversion Improvement Program (CIP) in 1993, the complete training of all F-16 pilots was carried out by the OCU.
In 1996, after a large reorganization, the OCU was relocated to the 10th Wing of Kleine Brogel air base. At that time a standardized conversion syllabus was installed which consists of academic courses, around 40 Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) hours and around 100 advanced flights. Besides that the squadron also provides re-conversion training for F-16 pilots and Staff personnel as well as the theater conversion of F-16 pilots who return from courses in the US.
Itís a tradition now in the Belgian air force, each fifth anniversary of a squadron, a special paint scheme, mostly a special tail is created to underline the event in the life of the squadron. This year after the 1st and the 349th squadron it was the turn of the Kleine Brogel OCU. As tradition the decoration is based on the white and blue checks, basic tuxedo of the squadron with, in addition, a falcon wearing an arrow like the squadron logo (originating from the Koksijde fighter school). SBAP is pleased to propose a pictorial overview of the official photo flight
of the FB24 performed by Adj Bart Roselle of Comopsair IPR and would like to tanks him to share his performance with our readers.

FB24 profile, Alexander vandenbohede drawing

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