Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2012

Five years after the last Fouga flight held at Beauvechain on September 27th, 2007, a “Whistling turtle” took off on runway 22R…15:30 local, the MT48 was at holding point after a perfect engine start up. Clear to line up and take off! After 5 years a Fouga was again performing a demonstration in Beauvechain Airbase skies. “Poleke”, the pilot was performing the good weather display with some loopings, barrel rolls, face rolls and much more. We were also gratified by a magnificent low pass full down…Great. Some more figures and the MT48 was already downwind for the landing. Full flaps, speed brakes open and at last, a smooth landing. Show was already over, but what happiness to see a Fouga back in flight…

Holding point 22R Take off
High speed pass 360° turn
Low speed pass Taking speed
for a looping and vertical "S" figure
A last pass before downwind Landing after the demo

This is not science fiction or a first of April joke, it’s was a presentation of a flying model displayed by Philip Avonds, world champion in the jet models category. This was the surprise made during a convivial meeting held at Beauvechain for the remembrance of the last Fouga flight five years ago. This event organized by Paul Rorive and René Quintin, was the occasion to meet back former Fouga pilots, technicians or simply fans. Also the occasion to remember some souvenirs of the “Whistling Turtle” period. After a real pleasant barbecue, The Fouga model was presented and everybody present was amazed and dazzled by this model. An incredible amount of details, a wonderful finish, in one word a real one at scale ¼.
After the flying presentation, some people in the audience had tears in their eyes, remembering the past glory of the Fouga.
By this page we would like to thanks Paul Rorive and René Quintin for the organization of the event, all Fouga community present to the event for this lovely moment and Philip Avonds for the presentation of the MT48 with “Poleke” at command. Real great day!

"The last of the many" was also invited at the party Barbecue smoke and not Fouga engine shut down...
Philip unload the jewel Pierre and Paul in admiration
A great interest showed by "Pedro" Amazing cockpit
"Poleke" on command Refueling
Inspection Posing with big brother
Like a real one "Poleke" waiting for the afternoon demonstration
Spending a good time... ...all toegether during the barbecue
Souvenir of the day
"René", "J-P", Paul" and "Wiliam" last years Fouga display team All of them have flown on Fouga...what a nice remembrance day...
From left to right :
Pierre Leeonard, Victor Mardaga, Mark Anthony, "Jos" De Jaeger (current EBBE baseco), "Ben" Gillard, "Pedro" Buyse, Pierre Cornut - Paul Rorive, Philip Avonds, "Lou" Wolfs & "Mike" Minne.

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