Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text: Serge Van Heertum  &  Pictures : Jef Pets © sbap 2012

No less than eleven young pilots have received their military license during a ceremony held at CC Air (Air Competency Center) Beauvechain Air Base. This formal ceremony and the wings delivery is the symbol of the accomplishment of the theoretical formations received at Royal Flying School and CC Air of Beauvechain, but also the flying courses completed at Tours, Cazaux, Dax or Avord in function of the specialization. The eleven new licensed pilots will continue their formation in their own specialization: Fighter, Transport or Helicopter.
As tradition wants it the 2009 pilot promotion have chosen a godfather. By this young pilots, Major Charley de Hepcée was taken as an example for the new generation. Major de Hepcée was at begin of the second world war member of the 5th squadron equipped with the Fairey Battle. As member of this squadron Major de Hepcée was participating to the famous operations held on May 11th , 1940
with main goal the destruction of the Albert channel bridges. After de Belgian capitulation Major de Hepcée enter the resistance as information agent and settled an escape system for the pilots. Arrested in Toulouse on April 13th, 1944, the Major de Hepcée was executed on June 27th, 1944 by the SS troops in retirement. Since July 24th, 2012, Major Charley de Hepcée body is back in Belgium. To honor this exceptional godfather, a picture of the Major de Hepcée was given to the student pilot promotion chief by his daughter.
This ceremony was also the occasion to congratulate 32 military members for their successful formation accomplishment. A long term formation for each one provided at CC Air or in other Belgian Air Force units.

Major Charley de Hepcée godfather of the 2009 promotion

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