Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text  &  Pictures : Christian Debrabanter © sbap 2012

A recent visit to Lubumbashi gave us the opportunity to have more information about the evolution of the company Korongo Airlines (migrating bird in Swahili) subsidiary of Brussels Airlines. After the official launch of the company in April 2012 and after many negotiations with the local authorities, the next planned step is to elevate Korongo as a recognized regional company in central Africa. Curently, Korongo perform five weekly flights to Kinshasa capital of the RDC (République Démocratique du Congo). Shortly they will open flights to Mbuji-Mayi (Kasaï), to Kolwezi (Katanga), Goma (Kivu) and Kissangani (North east). After this the management hopes to open international routes to Lusaka (Zambia), Nairobi (Kenya), Entebbe (Uganda), Luanda (Angola) and Douala (Cameroun). The main goal is to align the company to the international aeronautical rules and avoid to be registered on the famous European blacklist were currently all the African companies are. Since April the company is using two former Brussels Airlines aircraft: A Boeing B-737-300 (OO-LTM) and a Baé 146-200 (OO-MJE). A third plane is still in Belgium, a second Baé 146-200 (OO-DJJ) is flying for Brussels Airlines until the transfer to Lubumbashi. All the planes remain under Belgian registration and are flying under Belgian AOC (Air Operator Certificate). The leitmotiv of the company is to offer flying facilities in a country where the plane is mostly the only way to travel easily due the lack of roads and railways. Today the company counts a total of 200 team members and around 97% are locals.

Korongo Airlines hangar at Lubumbashi

Baé 146-200 (OO-MJE) awaiting next flight Night arrival

But the visit to Lubumbashi was also the occasion to see two Potez CM170 Fouga Magister. Most probably former French Air Force aircraft or at least Moroccan Air Force samples regarding the nose antenna and the blue color remaining on the nose light of the second aircraft. Sadly no more information’s could be held regarding those two “Whistling Turtles” .

Potez CM 170 Fouga Magister... Sadly no infos about the origin of both planes

Thanks to Olivier Winandy and "Gégé" via the Fouga Tribute forum and Facebook some information's related to the possible origin of the Fouga.
The possible origin of the Fouga is the Gabon Air Force. One should be the
c/n 367 (ex TR-KFI) délivered in 1999 to the Congolese Air Force (FAC) via South Africa
and registred
9Q-CPB. The second c/n 368 (former TR-KFJ) became 9Q-CPC.


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