Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text: Luc Dujardin &  Pictures : Luc Dujardin, Serge Van Heertum, LH Aviation © sbap 2012  

The recent announcement that LH-10 Ellipse was tested this summer by the French Civil Safety (Sécurité civile) was the occasion for sbap to make a come back to this amazing plane. The plane was tested and evaluated for the surveillance and the prevention of forest fires. Also, two copies of this small plane built at Melun-Villaroche have been ordered by Benin army forces to be used as a low-cost military training plane. Noticed past years in Le Bourget and Farnborough, we present you here this rather unusual aircraft.
The Salon Aeronautique du Bourget gives always the opportunity to see unusual aircrafts. In 2011, the most expected air displays were maybe the civilian airliner Airbus A380 and the military transport aircraft A400M. Unfortunately, the A400M did not fly anyway. But there were also smaller airplanes that are very interesting because of their innovative design and concept. One of them was the LH-10 Ellipse from LH Aviation.


LH Aviation is a french aeronautical company created in 2004 by Sebastien Lefebvre. At the creation of the company, he was still a 23 years old student engineer and was already licensed as private pilot. At the beginning, LH Aviation was located in northern of France but, since 2008, the company reached the centre of Aerospace Activity of Melun-Villaroche. Sebastien Lefebvre has noticed the ageing of the air park and its aim was to produce a new, innovative and competitive aircraft. So he reached his goal with the LH-10 Ellipse.The LH-10 Ellipse is a small two-seater aircraft. The airframe and the motorization were carefully designed by aeronautical experts to gives the plane the best performances. The aircraft is build with composite materials that makes it very light. The motor is placed behind the cockpit and moves a pushing propeller. The cockpit section itself is like a glider fuselage, offering very good visibility to the pilot. Aerodynamics and propulsive motorization gives to the LH-10 unequalled performances. The LH-10 is also an ecological aircraft because of its silent motor and its reduced fuel consumption (6 litres/100 km). This small and light aircraft can reach 200 knots and is amongst the fastest planes in its category. The tandem cockpit, 26.8 in wide, accommodates pilots up to 265 lbs and 6.39 ft in high comfort. With the throttle in the left hand and a mini-stick in the right hand, the pilot has the best visibility in all directions. Fight controls are installed in the rear cockpit too.The wings and stabilizer can be quickly dismantled in a few minutes by two people, without any tools and without emptying any fuel tank. The airplane can then be loaded onto a trailer.

The design (LH Aviation)

Assembly (LH Aviation) The complete kit (LH Aviation)
Farnborough 2008 (Archives sbap) Bourget 2009 (Serge Van Heertum)

LH Aviation was present at Le Bourget and performed an air display of the LH-10 Ellipse. It is really an impressive fast and agile aircraft. Other airframes were on static display at the LH Aviation stand. One of them was shown with military grey camouflage and Benin Air Force markings. This kind of aircraft may be offers cheap aeronautical solutions to the emergent countries but also to some organisations like the French “protection civile” for first line observation, recognition and training.
Let us hope that this plane will be a real commercial success thanks to a real smart and ergonomic design...may be the future in many aeroclub's.

The design presented at le Bourget 2011 (Luc Dujardin)
Clear view on the composite fabrication (Luc Dujardin) Smart design (Serge Van Heertum)
Composite materials (Luc Dujardin) (Luc Dujardin)
Bourget 2011 in Benin Army Forces camouflage (Serge Van Heertum)
Hight visibility canopy (Luc Dujardin) Tail details (Luc Dujardin)
Tandem two-seatter (Serge Van Heertum) Glider design cockpit (Luc Dujardin)
Glass cockpit (Luc Dujardin) Clear and ergonomic (Luc Dujardin)
Altitude and airspeed on the left, Glass instruments in middle and communication systems under the screens (Luc Dujardin)

Side stick (Luc Dujardin)


Technical Data


Wingspan 26,7 ft – 8m

Length  17 ft – 5,11m
Height 7,8 ft – 2,4m
Wing Surface 50 sqft – 4,5m²

Aspect Ratio 14

Seats 2

Engine 912 ULS

Engine Power 100 hp

Fuel type 100LL / SP98

Load Factor +4,4 / -2,2 g

Max cruise speed* 200kt – 370km/h

Stall Speed  57kt – 105km/h

VNE 243kt – 450km/h

(L/D) max 16

Fuel Capacity 18,5 Gal – 70L

Fuel Consumption at cruise speed 175 kt  4,75 Gph – 18L

Fuel cons. at eco cruise 100 kt 1,8 Gph – 7L

Useful load 529 lbs – 240kg

Take Off Distance (50ft obstacle) 1500ft - 450m

Landing Distance (50ft obstacle) 850ft – 260m

Cabin Width 26,8 in – 68 cm

Endurance at Eco cruise  10h, 800 Nm – 150km






Displacement   1352 cc / 82,6 cu in

Bore   84 mm / 3,31 in

Stroke   61 mm / 2,4 in

Compression Ratio   10,5 : 1

Direction of Rotation   Clockwise - Pilot's view - Tractor configuration

Maximum Torque (ISA Conditions)   128 Nm / 94 ft.lbf @ 5100 rpm

Power rating (ISA Conditions)   100 hp @ 5800 rpm / 95 hp @ 5500 rpm

Weight   75 kg / 165,35 lbs (full equiped)

Fuel   Unleaded Gasoline (or AVGAS) min. 98 octane

Le Bourget 2011 flight presentation
(Serge Van Heertum) (Luc Dujardin)
(Luc Dujardin) (Luc Dujardin)
(Serge Van Heertum) (Serge Van Heertum)
(Luc Dujardin) (Luc Dujardin)
(Serge Van Heertum)
(Serge Van Heertum) (Luc Dujardin)


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