Text: Bruno Ghils - Pictures : Bruno Ghils & Jacky Vincent  -  © sbap 2012  

This last year’s editions of the international air tattoo (RIAT) showed clearly a decrease in the quality and unusual aircrafts presented but the 2012 edition was back like the well appreciated tattoo of the past. This is most probably due to the international economic situation and this year could also be impacted to the crisis, but it was clearly the opposite!
 It was a long time ago that we could see no less as 12 C-130’s from 9 different countries, a B-2, a B-52…MV.22 “Osprey”, 3 KK-135, 2 KC-767, a RC-135, a single F.4 Phantom (may be the last one in an airshow…). Also a Mig-29 and last but not least 2 real exotic aerobatic teams: Al Fursan from United Emirates and the Black Eagles from South Korea. Many countries where also present like Brazil, Colombia and also a heavy English (excepted Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada or New Zeeland), American and European representation except for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey. It was also a special decoration and markings festival with Tigers and other anniversary color schemes. More than 100 aircrafts in the static display and around the same on the flight line… We can conclude the RIAT 2012 was a great edition…but sadly, like everywhere in Europe for this summer season real bad weather and rain during the RIAT week-end. But all the demonstrations could be held and armed with a camera; an umbrella and a waterproof cover for the lenses good shoots opportunities were well possible. We experienced one of the best RIAT in recent years…sign of renewed?

Walk in the static display...
F-16's line (Bruno Ghils) East and west (Bruno Ghils)
Giant nose (Bruno Ghils) C-130's, C-130's and more C-130's (Bruno Ghils)
Back view... (Bruno Ghils) ...and front view (Bruno Ghils)
Certainly the most colofull "Herk"... (Bruno Ghils) ...from the Colombian Air Force (Bruno Ghils)
Black spirit... (Bruno Ghils) ...a shadow in the static park (Bruno Ghils)
Polish effect (Bruno Ghils) Japanese way of air  refueling (Bruno Ghils)
Strike Eagle pilot office (Bruno Ghils) 50 years of excellence for the VC-10 (Bruno Ghils)
FGR4 version of the Typhoon (Bruno Ghils) Tail art to commemorate 100 years of 3(F) Sqn (Bruno Ghils)
Like a "Lanc"... (Bruno Ghils) Oman Air Force Gulfstream  (Jacky Vincent)
German colours on F-4 Phantom...  (Jacky Vincent) and fire orange Seaking  (Jacky Vincent)
Air display...
U.S Marines highlight...the Osprey (Bruno Ghils) Incredible flying machine (Bruno Ghils)
Yak-130 from Irkut company (Bruno Ghils) Heavy armed...trainer aircraft (Bruno Ghils)
Old glory, the VC-10 (Bruno Ghils) The future of heavy transport (Bruno Ghils)
Cpt Renaud "Grat" Thys, display of the Belgian Air Force... (Bruno Ghils) ...had to perform on the special aircraft of the 1st Squadron as the FA84 was defect
(Bruno Ghils)
"Skull" at landing (Bruno Ghils) Belgian Agusta showin the "Leonidas" side (Bruno Ghils)
One of the mytic "V" bombers, the Vulcan (Bruno Ghils) High power take off for the F/A-18F (Bruno Ghils)
The black smoke of the "Fulcrum" (Bruno Ghils) Agility... (Bruno Ghils)
...and power (Bruno Ghils) Drag chute landing (Bruno Ghils)
The "Patrouille Suisse".... (Bruno Ghils) ...may be later on Grippen??? (Jacky Vincent)
And the British "Reds" (Bruno Ghils) Always a must (Jacky Vincent)
More exotic...Al Fursan team (Bruno Ghils) Nice colours (Bruno Ghils)
Close formations... (Bruno Ghils) ...but little bit sleepy regarding the other teams (Bruno Ghils)
From South Korea... (Bruno Ghils) ...the "Black Eagles" (Bruno Ghils)
with their T-50 trainer aircraft (Bruno Ghils) Preparing the planes (Bruno Ghils)
Start up (Bruno Ghils) And here they are (Bruno Ghils)
In formation take off (Bruno Ghils) Close, very close (Bruno Ghils)
Number 7 (Bruno Ghils) Smoke on (Bruno Ghils)
Perfect formations...  (Jacky Vincent) ...and real dynamic demonstration (Jacky Vincent)
They made a show including a panel of other aerobatic teams figures (Bruno Ghils) Amazing in Europe! (Bruno Ghils)
(Jacky Vincent)
(Bruno Ghils) and what a nice paint scheme! (Bruno Ghils)
(Bruno Ghils) (Bruno Ghils)
Are you sure they are coming from South Korea ???  (Bruno Ghils)
On taxi... (Jacky Vincent) ...back to the parking  (Bruno Ghils)
Some departing aircraft on Monday...
KC767A of 14 Stormo (Jacky Vincent)
T-90 "Calima", Colombian version of the Lancair Legacy FG (Jacky Vincent) Beech King Air 200 (Jacky Vincent)
Vigilant T1 of the Royal Air Cadets (Jacky Vincent) Back to Russia (Jacky Vincent)
U.S.Navy EA-6B "Mercury" (Jacky Vincent) Galaxy front (Jacky Vincent)
Globemaster III front (Jacky Vincent) Spirit front (Jacky Vincent)
KC-767J of 404 Hikotai (Jacky Vincent)
And the smilling future of the Royal Air Force...
(Bruno Ghils)


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