BDA : Winter Migration !
Text & Pictures : Jef Pets (  sbap 2012

Beauvechain air base April 26th...a special day marked by three different events. The first was the official roll out of the Agusta A109 H24 especially decorated for the 2012 airshow season. For the first time the Belgian Agusta is wearing a special paint. The left side is ornate with the Greek "Leonidas" of the 18th Squadron and the right side with the "Grippen" of the 17th Squadron. Some markings on the cargo door underline the 20 years of service and the amount of 100.000 flight hours accomplished by the A109 in the Belgian Army Component and not so far away in the Air Component. The second part of the event was the handover of Lt Vl Rutger Andries by Lt Vl Filip Peremans for the airshow season 2012. Lt Igor Craeghs remain and into couple of week the season will be launched. The third event was the successful accomplishment of training course by two Beninian student pilot. They held their licence and it was also an occasion to mark the success of those two pilot that will return in their country shortly. For both of them it was also the occasion to thank the Belgian authorities, pilots and ground crew for the efficient training and the good mind they got during their rest in our country.
Enjoy the photographic report made by Jef Pets for SBAP and by the way, many thanks to Beauvechain air base authorities and Comopsair IPR for the invitation and the organisation of the day.

Kol Vl Jos De Jaeger and Col Avi Bernard Flamang awaiting the H24 arrival H24 in demonstration for the last time by Rutger Andries
Showing the special markings for the 2012 season. Left "Leonidas" 18 Sqn and right the 17 sqn "Grippen"
Rutger and Igor followed by a second Agusta in hand of Lt Filip Peremans
H28 back to the parking H24 flown in demo for the last time by Rutger
  Note the demo design on Filip's helmet
A109, already 20 years and 100.000 flight hours Rutger and Igor after the flight
Lt Vl Filip Peremans and Lt Vl Rutger Andries The team and their flying machine
For the first time the Belgian Agusta is wearing a demo scheme
The two Beninian pilot honoured after their training accomplishment Kol Vl Jos De Jaeger during his speech underlining the three events

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