BDA : Winter Migration !
Text: Régis Rocca   -   Pictures : Régis Rocca (making of), Sebastien Bault (Helmet & Tails) & SIRPA Air (In flight) © sbap 2012


In June 2011 Régis Rocca was put in charge of the design of a historical livery for the Escadron de  Chasse 1/12 « Cambrésis » ceremonies. He was looking for a strong design, differing from the traditional 'Tiger » patterns, without eliminating them totally.
The colours were soon chosen, black and gold, inspired by the two headed eagle of the 1/12 crest. Then a  pattern evolved, each aspect angle of the aircraft being designed to be visually striking the aim yet being to obtain a comprehensively powerful impression. After the plans were completed and validated Harry Bault @HB Radical Design was entrusted with the transcription of the 2D paper data to the 3D skin of the aircraft. Over an epic 179 hours in two weeks, Harry never stopped masking, rubbing down, preparing and painting the admirably finished livery presented on March 30.
Régis Rocca spent 5 days working with Harry, as Art Director/Assistant, providing his point of view as an outside observer with an intimate kwoweledge of the special design. He also took a number of photos as a testimony of the excellence of Harry's professional skills.
All this would have been impossible without the unfailing support of Lt. Colonel Daroux 1/12 Commanding Officer and the attentive and artistic cooperation provided by Capt. "Tino" Wojcik, 1/12 traditions Officer and pilot. Régis would like to thank them here most sincerely and warmly. This aircraft is the result of a team effort and the team was top quality.
This is just a glance at the birth of this livery which will remain in the memories of all 1/12 and French Air Force members and in the skies above Cambrai.

The making of the fabulous bird...a high precision job !
Sebastien "Harry" Bault in action...

The designer...Régis Rage" Rocca...a wonderfull bird "Rage" !


"The bird" in action !

Unable (but not unwilling) to fly home with the “dissolution” Mirage 2000, Régis decided to keep a memento of this adventure in the shape of a helmet painted by Harry in the colors of Mirage n° 103. You can be sure that this gift to himself will be put to good use for future in-flight reports from our correspondent.

and the othe tails...
Also a special patch series also designed by Régis "Rage" Rocca" for the occasion !    Limited edition...


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