Flying display

As usual Paris Le Bourget is also the airshow. Different presentations where held along the all week.
Some new aircraft, classics like the Dassault family or historic airplane have made their presentation
for thousand visitors...



"Ecureuil" & "Puma" from the French Air Force during an interception and air power demonstration
Elactrical "Cricri" revisited by EADS, the smalest four engine of the world
Breguet XIV the begin of commercial aviation
The "Simba" got his certification in 2011
Extra 330SC from Swistzerland. Amazing demontration with an Air France Airbus
Max Holste MH-1521 "Broussard" in the 5th Escadre paint scheme
LH aviation LH-10 "Elipse"...James Bond return...
The new Eurocopter EC-175 transport version but also declined in SAR (Search & Rescue) capabilities
The amazing Eurocopter X3 (X-Cube and not X three). The main goal of this program is to increase the helicopter speed
Diamond HK 36 Super Diamona
STOLP SA 300 "Starduster", two seater with full aerobatic capabilities
Dassault Aviation Falcon 7X, the Rolls Royce of general aviation
Dassault Aviation Rafale C. The French Air Force Rafale fleet have got an amount of 30.000 flight hours
Lockheed Martin C-130J "Hercules" from the USAF based at Ramstein airbase in Germany
Lockheed Martin F-16C from USAF 480 Fighter Squadron based at Spangdalhem in Germany
Beriev Be-200 RF firefighter, a spectacular machine
Dornier DO-228 NG, the new generation of a commercial success
Dassault - Breguet - Dornier Alpha Jet with special colours underlining the 50 years of the French "Ecole de chasse"
Still on of the highlights of Paris airshow, the Airbus A380 was able to perform his demontration after the reparation of his broken wing
hapened at begin of the airshow week. Note on the picture the car park reflection on the body.
Eurofighter "Typhoon" presented by the Italian company Finmeccanica
Alenia Aermacchi M 346 "Master" the next generation trainer
Alenia C-27J "Spartan" a transport capability coupled with an amazing maniability
It was a long time ago that an aerobatic team was autorised to perform a demonstration at Paris airshow. This year the "Patrouille de France" was present
Big Frog project, the challenge is launched and the goal is a participation to the Reno air race in the US
Morane Saumnier MS.760 "Paris" a four seater equipped withe the same engines of the Fouga Magister
Poter CM-170 Fouga Magister, always an elegant aircraft. To keep so kind of aircraft airworty sponsors are needed...
De Havilland Canada DHC-1 "Chipmunk" RAF WP851 (F-AZUU)
Supermarine Seafire Mk XVII, an unique navalised version of this well known second world war fighter
Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 in the Royal Australian Navy colours
Francois "Raloche" Ralet from the EVAA, always a superb demonstration of the Extra 330 SC possibilities
Time is over...rendez-vous in 2013 for the 50th edition of Paris Le Bourget airshow


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