Beauvechain 2010 : Sunday Airshow


Pictures : Serge Van Heertum, Eddy Devroey - SBAP

In the OPS zone...
Austrian Air Force Saab 105 Solo display
Danish Air Force F-16AM solo display and the spare aircraft
Netherland Air Force F-16AM Solo dosplay and the spare aircraft
French Air Force Rafale C solo display
CASA-Nurtanio CN 235 French support aircraft the "Xingu" from Patrouille Camomille
The Fouga from "Dutch Historic Jet Association" Belgian Alpha Jet's back from Cazaux for the show
Morning Demonstrations
2 Piper L-18C Formation : the past and the present
Vought F4U-5NL from the "Red Bull" collection (Austria)
Douglas DC-6B from "Red Bull" collection (Austria). This plane was the presidential aircraft of Marechal Tito.
La Patrouille Camomille and their four Elmbaer 121 Xingu" coming from Avord Air Base (French Air Force)
Potez CM-170R Fouga Magister from the "Dutch Historic Jet Association"
North American T-28D Trojan based at Deurne (Belgium)
Beauvechain based SF.260's from the "Hardship Red" team showing their brand new colours
Number four, Cdt Alain "Papy" Collard at landing...hello Papy !  (Eddy Devroey)
Peggy's Wing Walkers and their Boeing Stearman from Austria
C-130's Fly by Antonov AN-26 from the Hungarian Air Force leaving Beauvechain
Etienne Verhellen and his YAK52 "Janie"
Official Airshow opening and Afternoon Demonstrations
The F-16AM FA100 especialy decorated for the Airshow and the opening of Belgian Presidency at European Council
The National colours and European smoke colours for the official opening
Melissa Pemberton and her Extra 300 from the United States of America
Saab T-17 from the "Baby Blue" team (Danish Air Force) Danse with the clouds by "Cloety" and his Extra 300
Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 simulating an attack of Beauvechain Air Base
Air Power Demonstration
F-16's attack Special forces high altitude drop
The C-130 after tactical landing under helicopter protection Troops are landed, the C-130 left the position
Motorised commando A109 Medevac to take out the possible injured during the attack
Belgian Air Force Airbus A330 escorted by "Mich" F-16's
Bristish Aerospace Hawk T1A solo display from the Royal Air Force 4th Flying Training School
Hawker Hunter F.6 from the "Dutch Hunter Hawker Association" (DHHA)
Danish Air Force F-16AM solo display
Austrian Air Force SAAB 105 solo display with 40 years "Tiger" livery
Netherland Air Force F-16AM solo display
Morrocan Air Force display team "Green March" and their CAP 232
Belgian Air Component Agusta A109 solo display
Royal Jordanian Falcons in their sky ballet
"Mitch" F-16AM and the Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIX from Christophe Jacquard
Belgian Air Force F-16AM solo display in a flares demonstration
Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIX usualy based at Dijon Darois
Hungarian Air Force Saab JAS 39C "Gripen" solo display and a clear fuel overflow burn
Swiss Air Force F/A-18 solo display from 17 Staffel "Falcons"
French Air Force Rafale C from Saint Dizier Air Base solo display presented by Captain Cedric Ruet
Remember...70 years ago : The Battle of Britain
Hawker Hurricane XIIa and Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb from the Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd to underline the Battle of Britain anniversary and close the 2010 International Airshow of Beauvechain
Airshow 2010 is over...sun is going down...bye bye Beauvechain


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