"Le temps des hélices"

Photopage 2


Photos : Marc Arys & Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©


The most popular British fighter of WWI, the SE5A   FOKKER Dr1 Triplane
"Dreidekker" at take off   Back from combat
French NIEUPORT 17 about to shoot the enemy   Back after the victory
Back to the modern planes, the team "ASAS DE PORTUGAL" flying the ALPHA JET trainer
BEECHCRAFT D-18   GRUMMAN MARTLET (Wildcat) of the Fleet Air Arm
The fighter is wearing the invasion stripes
Splendid restauration in flying conditions   HARVARD in French colors during the Algerian war
NORTH AMERICAN T-6   Another HARVARD modified to become a Japanese ZERO fighter
BELL P-39 AIRACOBRA, a strange fighter with V12 engine positioned at the back of the pilot
The P-39 was piloted by the wel known Stephen Grey   Also coming from Switzerland, a GRUMMAN TBF1 "Avenger"
The Avenger with folded wings   NORTH AMERICAN B-25 Mitchell
This one is also coming from Switzerland   A YAK 3 fighter from the Russian front
POLIKARPOV PO2, liaison and observation plane   YAK11
A pair of YAK11 during the Russian campaign   During the battle of Stalingrad, this JU52 is to be shot down by a Russian fighter
Back from mission, the YAK3 on landing   Pretty formation of a DOUGLAS DC-3 and 2 JUNKER JU52-3M

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