"Le temps des hélices"

Photopage 1


Photos : Marc Arys & Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©


"Le temps des hélices"... Far away from the "glass cockpit"
The begining of air combat   A very old flying machine, the Deperdussin from 1913

The well known Fokker Dr1 Triplane
    Russian front, the YAK11 is awaiting the Luftwaffe
JUNKER  JU52-3M...   ... coming from Switzerland
Superb restauration for this RYAN PT-22   The elegant WACO UPF7
ATC (Air Traffic Controllers)   "Ademai Aviateur", the story of a mechanic in difficulties
L'Aeropostal, the starting of commercial aviation after the first world war   Remember Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Didier Daurat and all the others
YAK 52, training plane from Russia   CURTISS P-40N Warhawk
Magnificient warbird...   ...owned by the "Amicale Salis"
Coming from Belgium, a YAK 18   DOUGLAS AD-4N Skyraider, used in the Vietnam war for ground attack
The GUINOT team, ladies wing walkers. In the traditions of post WWI flying circus
Impressive...aren't they?   The Breitling team in the smoke of the GUINOT team
Air refueling between 2 Super Etendard of the French Navy   Tribute to the Aeronautique Naval
The new generation fighter RAFALE M   High speed pass in realy wet conditions
MORANE SAULNIER A1, a good fighter but too late into the war   Another A1 wearing the colors of the ace Charles NUNGESSER

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