Koksijde Air Day 2008


Text & pictures : Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys - S.B.AP.




The radar control has detected an intruder along the Belgian coast, not far away from the French border. The intruder is approaching Koksijde air base and the needed actions are taken. Rapidely 2 French Mirage 2000C are taking off to intercept this intruding aircraft, which was engaged very swiftly. It seemed to be a Belgian Embraer, but there is still no radio contact.

After the visual recognition, the two Mirage take their places. The leader stays on the right of the aircraft and number 2 takes the 'cover' position at the back of the intruder. Due the radio problem, the leader performed the international code (balancing the wings). Immediately the Embraer answers in the same way to let know they had understand the orders to follow the interceptors to land.
After a few minutes the 3 aircrafts are approaching the base and the intruder cames in to land. The 2 Mirages leaves the area after the landing to fly back to base for the next QRA (Quick Reaction Alert).

Mission accomplished !


Lost in bad weather conditions and without radio contact Ostend airport
The city of Ostend Swiftly the interception is carried out
After the visual reconisation, the number 2 slips back in 'cover' position The leader stainig on th right hand side
International visual code (balancing the wings)  
In position unill landing of the intruding aircraft  
  Going back to their base. Mission accomplished

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