Koksijde Air Day 2008


Text & pictures : Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys - S.B.AP. ©


Last Solo Displays


Cdt Michael "Mickey" Artiges Cpt Français "Ralloch" Rallet


Cdt Michael Artiges joined the Belgian Air Force in 1993 as an airfield policeman. He integrated the pilot promo 93A and after a successfull training, he received his wings in 1995. After a conversion onto the F-16 in the United States, the Cdt Artiges made a passage through the OCU at the 10th Wing of Kleine Brogel. Finally he rejoined the 350 Squadron based at Florennes. During this period he participated actively in the Balkan campaign.

In 2002 he left the Squadron for the Operation and Evaluation Center (OEC). After this administrative period, the Cdt Artiges went back to an operational unit, the 1st Squadron also based at Florennes.

During his career, "Mickey" has totalised 2450 flight hours, of which 2050 on F-16 !.

2008 is it's 3rd year but sadly also it's last one as a display pilot.


Cpt François Rallet entered the French Air Force in 1992. After his training, Cpt Rallet became a pilot in the air defense with Escadron 2/5 "Île de France". Afterwards he moved on to the 1/12 "Cambresis". In 2003 he became a Mirage 2000 instructor pilot and is still his function actualy.

Cpt Rallet totalises 3000 flight hours, of which 2000 hours on Mirage 2000. He is also an international aerobatic pilot on CAP 231EX.

It is his first season as the solo display pilot on Mirage 2000, but also his last one because the Mirage 2000 will be fased out within the French Air Force in 2009 with the Rafale taking it's place.























To commemorate this double event, both staff, French Air For and Belgian Air Component, autorised a bravo type demo. So this was the first but also the last time we could see a joint demo with a F-16A/M and a Mirage 2000C. It was a great moment and also for both pilots
This exceptional duo taking also the time to pose for us after their flight. Many thanks to both for their display, kindness and friendly contact. We will never forget your performance...


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