Koksijde Air Day 2008


Text & pictures : Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys - S.B.AP.


Belgian Air Component


Alpha Jet 1B from 11 Squadron based at Cazaux Aerospatial Alouette III from the Navy heli flight (Koksijde)
Aerospatial Alouette II from 16Bat based at Bierset Piper L-21 Super Cub from the Belgian Air Cadets
F-16A/M 31  "Tiger" Squadron (Kleine Brogel) F-16A/M 1 squadron "Thistle"  based at Florennes
F-16A/M also from Florennes 21 Squadron Embraer ERJ135  (Melsbroek)


Koksijde air base : home of the Seaking Seaking Mk48 from the 40 SAR Squadron
Cargosling Final formation
4 Siai SF-260M during their demonstration. They are from the 5th Squadron based at Beauvechain. The beginning of a new Belgian demo team? Who knows...
An attack of the base by F-16's of the 31 Squadron from Kleine Brogel air base
At 3:49 PM precisely, a fly-past and many attacks from the base were perfomed by the 349 squadron from Kleine Brogel. Very impressive !
Mass paradrop performed by a C-130H Hercules from the 20 Squadron based at Melsbroek. 2 paras became entangled and one deployed his 'reserve'parachute.
Both landed without further incident.

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