Koksijde Air Day 2008


Text & pictures : Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys - S.B.AP. ©




3 Sea King HC4 from the Royal Navy 848 squadron made a fuel stop during the rehearsal day
EMB121AN Xingu from the Flotille 28F Tornado IDS from the 154°Gruppo CBO based at Brescia
Tornado IDS from the 102°Gruppo UCO also at Brescia MBB Bo105P1 from the Luftwaffe (without any markings)
Partenavia P.68B (Alfako Flight Academy from Wevelgem) Royal Navy Jetstream T2 of the 750 Squadron
Arrival of the 3 MIRAGE 2000C from Orange-Caritat, homebase of the 5ème Escadre
Sea King Mk41 from MFG5 wearing 50 years SAR special paintscheme Alpha Jet 1A : the French solo display aircraft
Britten Norman BN2A-21 Islander (polution control) Embraer EMB121AA Xingu from the EAT00.319 based at Avord
Aerospatial SA365N Dauphin from the Flotille 35F Tornado IDS from the JBG33 from Büchel

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