Cazaux Ceremony, the 21 of May


Pictures : Marc Arys - S.B.A.P.




Welcome to Cazaux, homebase of "escadron 1/8 Saintonge"
An old DASSAULT MYSTERE IV as gate guardian
HAWK T1 from the 208(R) Squadron   French Alpha Jet used for testing by the CEV and DGA
AEROSPATIAL SA330L used by the CEV (Centre d'essais en Vols) and the DGA (Direction General de l'Aeronautique)
DASSULT MIRAGE 2000D also used by the CEV and the DGA
The impressive TA-4SU  SKYHAWK  from the 150 Squadron Singapore Air Force based at Cazaux
Exotism in ou countries   A belgo-french tail history
The french and belgian nominated for the Alpha Jet trophy   The belgian honored pilots
A flypast was made by the french and belgian Alpha Jet
The french solo display Alpha Jet is wearing the 1.000.000 hrs deco   Lt M. Vigie "Picrate" & Cpt N. Jeannin "Ninja"

The french solo display "Tator" will appear in the show 2008 with this splendid decoration

The "patrouille de france" was also present to comemorate this special event
The "Patrouille de France" 2008 pilot team :

Athos 1 : Cdt F. Coulibaly       Athos 2 : Cpt G.E. Castaing       Athos 3 :Cpt S. Pillet       Athos 4 : Cpt B. Souberbielle

Athos 5 : Cpt E. Gerrer       Athos 6 : Cpt F. Breton       Athos 7 : Cpt A. Monhee       Athos 8 : Cpt L. Bourgeon

Athos 9 : Cpt Ch. Pera (reserve)


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