Meiringen Air Base

Pictures : Marc Arys & Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.

Pilatus PC-7 F/A-18C-49-MC
The "Tiger" of the 11 Staffel
Splendid "Swiss Tiger" The permanent spotters...
High speed tiger... The high level of humidity gives always impressive vortex
Aerospatial AS332M-1 "Super Puma"
Meiringen, a wonderfull area to shoot aircrafts and particularly the Hornets
The fighters alligned and ready to go, overviewed from the Super Puma
Hornets on taxi, they are coming from the hangar
built in the mountains.
This is why planes need to turn some degrees
to the left after take-off...
Typical "Swiss view", an unusual background for aircraft pictures  
  Aerospatial SA316B Alouette III

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