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Italian F-16A-ADF from 37 Stormo / 18 Gruppo based at Trapani   Italian Air Force Sikorsky HH-3F from 15 Stormo / 84 Centro SAR based at Brindisi
A Belgian Viper making a pass near the runway, nice to have a look in the whell wells   AV8B+ from the Italian Navy
The AV8B+ are from the Gruppo Aerei Embarcati based at Grottaglie   A view of the TLP2007-06 flight line
Line up of the Spanish EF-18A and KLU F-16A/M   USAF F-16CG based at Aviano
Awaiting it's pilot for the next mission   Italian Tornado ECR from 50 Stormo / 155 Gruppo ETS based at Piacensa
"Triple Nickel" tails from the 555 Fighter Squadron   RAF Tornado GR4 from the 12 Sqn based at Lossiemouth
Italian Air Force Eurofighter EF2000   A really impressive flying machine
The EF2000 are based at Grossetto, this one being from the 4 Stormo / 9 Gruppo   Looking into the EF2000 exhaust nozzles
RAF 12 Sqn Tornado GR4A   High speed take off of this Tornado GR4A. Note the vortices and humidity cloud
AV8B+ of the "Wolves" Squadron   F-16A/M from the Royal Netherlands Air Force based at Volkel
German Air Force Tornado ECR from JBG32 stationed at Lechfeld   Belgian Air Force F-16B/M from the 2 Wing Tac

High G overhead break of this Italian EF2000
    A spectacular new generation fighter
The EF2000 was the top air dfence fighter of the TLP2007 !   Italian Tornado ECR on taxi after it's mission
F-4F on landing, using the brake chute...   ... and although old, still an impressive aircraft
Italian Navy AV8B+, the only VTOL aircraf type in the NATO inventory   KLU F-16M from 313 Sqn banking hard right after take off, generating the characteristic vortices
This Belgian F-16A/M (FA75) in clean configuration on a high speed climb... beautiful and spectacular


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