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Pair of Tornado IDS from AG51 on final   RAF Typhoon F2 from the 3 Sqn based at Coningsby
Last participation of RAF Jaguars GR3   First participation of French Armée de l'Air Rafale from the
7 Escadre based at Saint Dizier. It was this aircraft that
crashed on December 06, 2007 near the town of Neuvic (France)
Norwegian Air Force F-16 A/M from the 331 Sqn baset at Bǿdo   Norwegian Air Force Falcon 20ECM from Rygge
Florennes based Belgian F-16A/M from the 2 Wing Tac   Spanish Air Force Falcon 20D from the Toorjon based 472 Sqn
Aero L159A from the Czech Air Force 212 Sqn based at Čăslav   RAF Tornado F3 from 43 (F) Sqn based at Leuchars
F3 wearing the 90th anniversary colours of the Fighting Cocks Squadron   F15E Strike Eagle from the USAF 494FS based at Lakenheat
A second Strike Eagle on taxi after landing   RAF Hawk T1A from the 100 Sqn based at RAF Leeming
Spanish Air Force EF-18A from Ala 15, coming from Zaragoza   French Navy Rafale M from Flotille 12F based at Landivisiau
Italian Air Force AMX from 103 Gruppo, flagship of the 51 Stormo
based at Istrana-Treviso
  Spanish Air Force Mirage F1M normaly based at Albacete-Los Llanos
and wearing the colours of Ala 14
Rafale M number 9 on landing
Rafale M number 2 on landing. Note the high angle of attack   Second Spanish EF-18A from Ala 15
Close up on the nose section   Belgian F-16A/M from the 2 Wing Tac based at Florennes
USAF F-16CG fromp Aviano airbase in Italy, homebase of the 31 Fighter Wing /
555 Fighter Squadron
  Another F-16CG from Aviano
Short final of the specially decorated Spanish EF-18A   German F-4F Phantom II from JG71
Beautiful close up on this F-4F   Another F-4F from JG71 based at Wittmundhafen
German Tornado IDS from the Norvenich based JBG51, freshly painted   Italian Air Force Tornado IDS from the 6 Gruppo stationed at Bresia-Ghedi


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