Operational Integration Exercise (OIE 07)
16 - 18 july 2007

Photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.



Second flight of the day for this Czech Gripen.   The two stars of the event were certainly the A-7 Corsair
from the Hellenic Air Force.
Beautiful box of 4 F-16C coming from 5 Stormo / 23 Gruppo
based at Cervia air base.
  High turn break for this Rafale M.

4 aircraft from the French Marine Nationale on taxi after their missions.
    Close up of the nose and landing gear of this Rafale M.
Cdt. 'Mickey' Artiges in his office, about to leave KB.   At his parking spot, a German Air Force Tornado IDS
from the AG51 based at Schleswig.
Prominent refueling probe on this Aermacchi MB339CD.   Spaish Air Force SF-B, wearing the colours of ALA23
based at Badajoz air base.
Embraer ERJ145 from the 21 Sqn of the Belgian Air Component
escorted by 2 QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) F-16's.
  A Eurofighter Typhoon using its brake-chute to slow down.
Netherland Air Force AS532U2 Cougar from the
300 Sqn based at Soesterberg.
  Plenty of Belgian F-16 departed Kleine Brogel
bound for their missions.
A Belgian Agusta A-109 from the Wing Heli at Bierset air base and RAF Puma HC1 from the 230 Sqn based at Aldergrove
were sent out to rescue a downed aircrew.
Really spledid and rare aircraft, the TA-7C.    Greek Air Force one seater A-7 E. Both aircraft came from Araxos
air base, home of the 335 MV.

F-16C 50CF of the 192 Filo. This Balkesir based aircraft of the
Turkish Air Force is wearing the tigermarkings from the
last Tigermeet held at Albacete air base.
    'Drieske' - OCU trainee pilot - having made his
first soloflight on F-16 the week before the event.

Maj. Avi. 'Patja' Stams, CO of the OCU interviewed for the
Belgian television.

Photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.

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