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Text & Photos : ęSerge VAN HEERTUM - S.B.A.P.



Portugese Air Force F16B   Portugese Air Force F16A from Monte Real
French ALAT Cessna 406F arriving from Rennes   Irish Air Force Pilatus PC9
F16D from the Elleniki Poliniki Aeroporia   C160 Transal support aircraft of the Patrouille the France
French Air Force Mirage 2000B   French Air Force Embraer Xingu from Avord
Gates C21 from the USAF Europe Command
Harvard T6 in KLU colours   Portugese Air Force Epsilon from 101 Esquadra at Beja
    Pilatus PC7 in civil markings
PBY Catalina of a private collector from Holland   SV4bis sporting the 60's 'The Manchots' aerobatic team livery
Spitfire Mk XVIII   The splendid lines of the "Spit"
SV4bis "Manchots"   Piper L18C 'Cub' in Belgian Light Aviation colours
CM170 R Fouga Magister - MT37   Fouga Magister MT49 used by the Belgian Air Component as a static exhibit
Lockheed T33A in RCAF markings. Pity it was not wearing the Belgian colours.
The aircraft crashed while taking off at Duxford on September 06, 2006
at 14h30L. According to the BBC the aircraft hit a tree and crashed
upon which the T-Bird caught fire and was destroyed.
Fortunately the crew escaped with minor injuries. Source :
  Belgian Alpha Jet AT10 based at Cazaux (France) within the scope
of the Belgian/French co-operation for the Advanced Jet Training School
Hunter F6 restored by the Beauvechain Airbase Falcon Museum   Mirage V BR in Belgian colours

Wonderful restoration of the F104G - FX47 - work of the Falcon Museum at
Beauvechain Airbase. Splendid paintjob in 'Alu' marking of the 60's

Admirable !!


Text & Photos : ęSerge VAN HEERTUM - S.B.A.P.


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