Belgian National Day   
July 21, 2006


General photopage

Photos : İSerge VAN HEERTUM - S.B.A.P., İMarc ARYS - S.B.A.P
and the courtesy of İDanny CARELS




Maj. Avi. "Desi" Desiron introducing the briefing   View of the participating pilots
Lt. Col. Avi. "Chris" Goossens, in charge of the Belgian Alpha Jets' part at Tours and Col. Avi. "Thierry" De Schrevel, BaseCo of Beauvechain   "VDP" one of our Alpha Jet 'backseat' photographers
Belgian Alpha Jets based at Cazaux in France   French Air Force Embraer Xingu from Avords
French Alpha Jets from Tours and our
dedicated Belgian Fouga Magister
  Siai Marchetti SF260M ST-17
Siai Marchetti SF260M ST-20 still wearing the
anniversary colours sporting 250.000 flight hours
  Xingus on taxi...
Flypast by an Alouette II from the Wing Heli at Bierset

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