Belgian National Day   
July 21, 2006


Photopage CM170 R Fouga Magister - 2


Photos : İMarc ARYS - S.B.A.P.


The very last pictures of Brussels seen from a Fouga
    Leaving the Brussels' area
In formation at the holding point in the vicinity of Wavre
    "Paul" enjoying the flight in the backseat
    MT-26 passing underneath to join up on the left side ...
.. in a very close formation ...   Leaving the holding and heading
towards Beauvechain airbase (EBBE)
One of my favourites   Break overhead EBBE, 17.000 rpm,
airbrakes out
Downwind runway 22 at EBBE. You can see the 'old'Alpha Jet
hangar just under the wingtiptank
  Turning final runway 22 at EBBE

Thank you 'Whistling Turtles' for all these years of dedicated service
and, most of all, for all those sweet memories....


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