Belgian National Day   
July 21, 2006


Photopage Alpha Jet


Photographs taken by "VDP" and Sebastien RITTEN


Belgian Alpha Jet's on the apron at Beauvechain (EBBE)
Lined up on runway 22 at EBBE
"Belgian" flight helmet - "VDP"    
    'New' rear cockpit of the Belgian Alpha Jet +
    "French" flight helmet - "Sebastien"
Overtaking the sole C-130 Hercules from the
Belgian Air Component. Other aircraft from the transport
wing were dispatched regarding the crisis in Lebanon.
Closing the formation
... and 'Smoke on' ...   GO !!!
Break overhead EBBE    
AT-13 wearing the markings "The First of the Fleet", remembering
the departure of the Belgian Alpha Jets to France in the scope of
the Belgian/French co-operation. AT-13 and AT-30 left Beauvechain
on June 28, 2004 - see

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