Photopage 2





Royal Air Force Hawk T.1


Czech L159 A





French Air Force Alpha Jet E from the Weapons Training Unit ET 8 wearing special markings
commemorating their 20th anniversary and 200.000 flight hours.






The Siai Marchetti and his forerunner the SV 4bis

French Alpha Jet from BA 705 Tours







Some formation flying with
4 Marchettis of 5 Squadron


Take-off in 'pairs' of these Potez
CM170 Fouga Magister









Lt. Col. Paul Rorive getting ready
for his display routine





NATO AWACS E3-A gratified us with some
fly-by and touch and goes




... we are being watched ...





Piper Cub and DG505 from the Belgian Air Cadets







Last show in Belgium for Cdt. 'John' Vandenbosch.
By 2006 he'll pass on the Belgian F-16 display.


Pilots sheltering under the Alpha Jet's wing prepairing
the 'last' flight of 6 Alphajets





... to the aircraft ...


strapping in





Airbrakes' ckeck... sporting the Belgian Defence URL.
Do pay them a visit !


AT27 leads the pack...





on taxi


French aircraft following their Belgian colleagues.





Departure of the 'last' Alpha Jet fly-by


AT27 on a low high speed pass





A YAK52 - regular visistor of Belgian air gatherings.
Flown by Eddy "Rusty" Kerkhofs, former Alpha Jet
instructor pilot


Visiting Chipmunk from the U.K.




Last Alpha Jet break overhead Beauvechain airbase





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