Photopage 1






The Alpha Jet flightline


AT09 on the apron





AT23 with some weathered colours


The maintenance will remain at Beauvechain





AT18 returns from mission







Airbrakes' check


AT30 start-up






AT12 on taxi

The sleek 'dolphin' lines of the Alpha Jet







A student pilot


AT28 and AT32





AT17 coming back to the apron

AT01 departing the flight line







Cpt. Chauvin from the Frencj Air Force after his first
solo-flight on a Belgian modernised Alpha Jet 1B


AT27 sporting special markings for the last days in belgium





AT27 - French national flag on the right motor cover


Special 'ETM 05 - Farewell badge" on AT27's tail




AT27 - Belgian national flag on the left motor cover


French Air Force's Epsilon





Part of the aircraft participating in the static exhibition


 KLU PC7 sporting the new and more visible black colour.
In the background you can see a Dutch F-16B/M taking off.
All of this at Beauvechain airbase.





A French-Belgian Alpha Jet flightline


RAF Hawker Siddeley Dominie T1





Aeronautica Militare Italiana Aermacchi MB-339


Siai Marchetti also from the Aeronautica Militare Italiana





French Air Force EMB121 Xingu from Avord


Irish Air Corps Pilatus PC-9M

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