The Belgian go French


Text & Photos : Marc Arys  - S.B.A.P.

Regarding the move to Cazaux (France) of the Belgian Alpha Jets, AT13 and AT30 were the first two aircraft to leave Beauvechain on monday June 28, 2004. A second batch of four aircraft is due to leave this airbase by October 2004 with all the active aircraft being transferred to France by the end of 2005.

AT13 and AT30 were equipped with 2 RP22 external fueltanks and a SUU20A rocket/bombrack on the port inner wing pylon and sporting logo's on the fuselage.

(see pictures below)


The Alpha Jet will have served the
Belgian Air Component (former Air Force) for 25 years.

 The first aircraft - AT01 -  assembled by Dassault in France and delivered to Belgium on October 06, 1978, was officially handed over to the Belgian Air Force on December 14, 1978.

To date, 131.000 hours were flown by this nimble aircraft.


AT30 on the apron - ready to go   Dramatic head on view
Do we see little 'wolvetracks' going all the way to Cazaux...    

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