Special F-16 badge for the ISAF mission


Briefing to convoy the F-16
to Kaboul via Turkey


Flight plan of the 1st stage
to Akinci in Turquie


The pilots wear a desert style flightgear

The departure of this uncommon mission for
took place in presence of
M. André Flahaut, Minister of Defence
and General BEM Michel AUDRIT



The F-16 awaiting their pilots under grey skies


Even the equipment received desert style colours


Commandant Castelein, mission commander, examine his wingmen during their preparation


Alignment of the F-16 on the Florennes
airbase before the flight to Kaboul


Some minutes before start-up, with
a last glance to the personalities and the press



Last moments before closing the cockpit
and start-up

Thorough equipment checks

This image to point out the importance
of the groundcrew, sometimes too forgotten



Cockpit closed


Start up



Taxi to the holding point


Here we go, good luck guys



A last good-bye wave to the chaps


Good-bye grey sky of Belgium



A good-bye from the « Stingers » and « Matrix » to the squadron boys heading towards Afghanistan


KC10 A Extender of the KLU wich will ensure the inflight refueling of our F-16 en route to Kaboul


Presentation of the standard configuration used in Afghanistan :
- hardpoint 1 and 9 : AIM9M sidewinder with infra red guided
- hardpoint 3 and 7 : bomb Mk82 laser guided.
The aircraft are also equipped with a LANTIRN targetting pod as wella s with
chaff and flare counter measures ; without forgetting the internal 20mm canon


Operational configuration of our F16 at Kaboul


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