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Incredible book about military and civilian flying from 1965-2000


Can you imagine how it must have felt? To produce stripes on the water by flying a Starfighter too low? Being towed in a thirties-designed glider with an open cockpit? To fly a 55-year old bomber with 130° of bank? To travel with a club-aircraft to Senegal and back? To legally fly an F16 between buildings over a town? To land a 24-seat twin with head-on traffic only 200 meters opposite the same runway? Riding a full low-level display with the famous Frecce Tricolori? Having an engine explode and disintegrate with 14 second-time jumpers in the cabin? 

These are only a fraction of the stories you will find in the 736 page hard-covered A4 size quality-paper traditional-print stitched book that the author wrote after 2000 hours of research during 6 winters. The text is illustrated with about 500 relevant pictures and scans of dia-slides, a substantial portion of them from the author’s personal archive and never published before.  

Not that many people can recount experiences flying in command of 32 types, and walking away unhurt after 10.000 landings on 3 continents, after flying airshow routines solo and in a team, or being the Air-Boss of events with 6 major aerobatic teams and 100.000 spectators on a single day. The book covers about 80 glider/prop/jet/helicopter types during a rich career spanning about 35 years of cold war in 2nd and 3rd generation fighters.
This book will allow you to walk through more than a quarter century of personal aviation anecdotes, mixed with first-hand reports of how all those different airplanes really felt. This is not a technical book, not a novel, not a biography, nor fiction, but a mix that should be an entertaining read for anybody interested in the wide aspects of military and civilian aviation.


Browse through the countless experiences from a not so distant past, when flying was still fun, adventurous, a seat of the pants affair, when risks were deemed acceptable. Just relax and read the stories of a pilot flipping through the pages of the accumulated logbooks.


The book TEN THOUSAND LANDINGS can only be purchased or picked up directly from the author and costs €59,95 plus eventual postage. It probably will remain a one-time print run and when exhausted, unavailable except if an interested international publisher picks up the deal to produce additional copies and commercialize this unique aviation time capsule  worldwide through aviation channels. Autographed book deliveries can take place during the 12 and 14 September 2014 Air Force day events at Kleine Brogel, or group deliveries at Sanicole and Zwartberg airfield on Saturday 13 September.


To get your copy of this limited edition hard cover: please send an e-mail to with your name and address, and specify delivery place and method. As soon as it becomes available, the book can also be sent within Belgium for €6,00 via KIALA to a nearby pickup point (specify details in e-mail), or € 10,00 for BPost home delivery. Foreign orders, please mail me for a delivery price quotation. Be aware the book weighs over 3kg and is sent in a carton for protection. Orders will only be considered final after the appropriate sum of money has been transferred on following account:


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