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On August 25, 1968, the Belgian State placed an order with Dassault for 106 Mirage V (63 BA, 16 BD and 27 BR). The Mirage V was the "lightened" version of the Mirage III in service with the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force). The three top seed aircraft were assembled and tested in France at the Dassault Aviation facilities, all the others were produced in Belgium at the SABCA factory. June 1970 (BD01) and August 1970 (BA02) saw the first Mirage arriving in their units. During the career of this mythical delta-shaped aircraft spanning about 20 years, 47 were lost in operations. An attrition rate of 44,3%. In 1988 a modernization plan was considered, called MIRSIP (Mirage System Improvement Program) to extend the lifetime of 20 Mirage
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As the geo-political situation completely changed, the Mirsip were never operational in Belgium and the modified aircraft were put in storage at Weelde. In 1994 the Chilean authorities decided to acquire the 20 already produced Mirsip and the aircraft left Belgium between the end 1994 and begin 1995.A great deal of Mirage were still in storage in Belgium when the SAGEM-company showed interest to buy back the leftover Mirage, some 27 airplanes from the 3 types. The contract being ratified, the dismantling started at Weelde under the control of the Beauvechain crash team in December 1998.

The first one (Coll SBAP)  

During some months, the aircraft were disassembled and transported by truck to France mainly to be used to set up a stock of spare parts. This operation ended on July 29th, 1999. But through time this project lost most of its greatness and so some of the black, yellow and red coloured Delta ended up in European museums (BA08 at Savigny) or in an 'american stock' (BR07 at Valence) or being put up several times for auction sales (BR21 and BD09 at Paris)...
Here you can find some pictures from the last days of this magnificent Delta... back to France.

BA08 c/n 08

BA10 c/n 10

BA18 c/n 18

BA20 c/n 20

BA27 c/n 27

BA31 c/n 31

BA33 c/n 33

BA42 c/n 42

BA43 c/n 43

BA44 c/n 44

BA53 c/n 53

BA54 c/n 54

BD09 c/n 209

BD10 c/n 210

BD11 c/n 211










BR03 c/n 303

BR07 c/n 307

BR08 c/n 308

BR09 c/n 309

BR12 c/n 312

BR14 c/n 314

BR15 c/n 315

BR17 c/n 317

BR21 c/n 321

BR22 c/n 322

BR23 c/n 323
BR24 c/n 324

BA60 modified as MIRSIP prototype (Mr Demont)

The end of the Mirage in Belgium...35 aircraft at Bierset (Coll Johny De Visch) The Beauvechain crash team posing with the last one (Johny De Visch)
Mirage V BA
Mirage V BD
Mirage V BR
Note the red paint... remain of "Mephisto" colour scheme...  
  Some remain markings
The last to leave Weelde on July 29th, 1999
 What happend?
  BA08 at Savigny-les-Beaunes (Serge Van Heertum)
BA10 at Orange (Patrick Brouckaert) BA43 in Orange museum reserve (Patrick Brouckaert)
BA53 at Montélimar museum (Danny De Clercq) BD09 auction sales at retromobile (Dassault)
BR07 in Valence american stock (Paul Rorive) BR21 auction sale at Paris (Dassault)
 Some others...
BA16 Saafranberg instruction frame and parts for Florennes BA22 BA37 to SABCA, become ELKAN 705
BD15 to SABCA, become ELKAN 720 BR04 preserved at Florennes museum
BR10 preserved at Beauvechain Historical Center


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