Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star   FT17 (c/n 7362)   (11 Sqn)
Delivered to the Belgian Air Force in December 1953, the plane was firstly based at the Koksijde Flying School. Later on the plane moved to the 9th Training Wing at Brustem. The picture was taken during the open-door at Melsbroek airbase on May 7th, 1976. The FT17 ended his Belgian career in 1979 and was flown to Sculpthorpe on December 3rd, 1979. In February 1981, the plane was sold to the Yugoslav Air Force as a target towing aircraft and remained into service until April 1983. The FT17 moved to the US in February 1987 and was then restored to airworthiness conditions. On July 23rd, 1990 the T-Bird was acquired by David E. Clayton and became N125AT. Between 1997and 2001 the plane saw various owners. The registration was cancelled on December 15th, 2004 as the plane was destroyed in 2002.
(©Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Sud Aviation SA.313B Alouette II OL-A03   (c/n 1305)   (Light Avi)
The Alouette A03 was delivered to the Light Aviation on October 26th, 1959. Shortly after delivery, in November, the helicopter was assigned to the 16 Squadron at Butzweilerhof in Germany. After a few months of service, in May 1960, the Alouette was transferred to the Belgian Congo via a C-119G transport aircraft. On May 30th, 1960 the A03 moved to Kigali (Rwanda) and later on, in August 1960, to Usumbura (Urundi). During the Congo events, the helicopter was under the COMRU (Commando Ruanda-Urundi) control. After the independence the helicopter flew back to Belgium, but the exact date is not known. On March 29th, 1983 the helicopter was damaged in an accident and sustained category 5 damage. It was then scrapped from the fleet. The picture shows OL-A03 in a MEDEVAC version and in standby at the race circuit of Francorchamps in the mid 1960's.
(© Jean-Pierre Blanckaert)
Hunting Percival P.66 Pembroke C Mk 51 OT-ZAE / RM5 (21 Sqn)
The plane was delivered on July 15th, 1954. After some 20 years of service, RM5 was stored at Koksijde as from February 14th, 1974. After 4 years storage the plane was sold to Air America Inc. (Pennsylvania) and received the registration N51961. On August 9th, 1978 the RM5 took off from Oostende bound for the US. In September 1979 the plane was sold to Hubert Cotton Atlanta (Georgia). The registration N51961 was cancelled on December 11th, 2012.
Picture from the late 1950's when the plane was still in metal finish.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Lockheed F-104G & TF-104G (10 Wing Tac)
Formation of seven aircraft during the Florennes International Airshow held on June 23rd, 1979. This was simply fantastic to have so many Starfighters together (fifteen in total) and also the first Belgian Air Force F-16B official presentation against the F-104G. The lead is a TF-104G followed by seven single seat Starfighters all from the 10th Tactical Wing of Kleine Brogel.
(© Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

De Havilland DH-9  D?  (1st Observation Squadron)
Originally based at Evere, this plane was probably one of the participating aircraft at an Airshow in Brasschaat in the early 1920's.
The number is not readable but the "Mephisto" insignia is clearly showing the plane was assigned to the 1st Observation Squadron that after 1926 became the 7/II/1Ať.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Republic F-84G FZ-48 (2 Wing Tac)
Picture probably taken shortly after arrival in 1952, the plane does not wear any Squadron codes, only the black and white "checker" from the 2 Wing Tac of Florennes . 
In 1956 the plane was sold to the Danish Air Force.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Lockheed C-130H (CH-08) + Swearingen Merlin III (CF-04) + 
Hawker Siddeley HS748 (CS-01)  (20 & 21 Squadron - 15th Transport Wing)
Formation flight during the navigation heading for Brussels for the
National Day fly-by on July 21st, 1998
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed-Martin F-16A (FA-67) "White Bird" (10 Wing Tac)
Picture taken during the first presentation of the "White Bird"
at Beauvechain on June 28th, 1998.
The underside of the plane shows the impressive falcon claws.
(©Serge Van Heertum)