Lockheed TF-104G FC10 (1 WCTT)
This two seat Starfighter was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in February 1968. The plane remained into service until January 1987 and was at first stored at Koksijde airbase. Afterward it was sold to the Taiwanese Air Force for spare parts. Seen here taking off during the Brustem airshow on June 25th, 1977
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Dassault Mirage V BD BD03 (2 Wing Tac)
Delivered to the Belgian Air Force on September 30th, 1970. The aircraft ended his career in 1993 and was stored at Koksijde airbase. In 1994 the plane was modified by SABCA into a M5MD Elkan model (n°717) and delivered to the Chilean Air Force. The plane is preserved at Satiago - El Bosque since mid-2000's. The BD03 is pictured at take off during Brustem airshow on June 25th, 1977.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV SG123 / YL-M (3 Sqn)
The plane was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in November 1950. The first user was the 3 Squadron based at Florennes, afterwards the plane moved to the 31 Squadron (8S-A) and finally to the Koksijde Flying School (IQ-W). On May 5th, 1954 the plane was damaged in a Cat II crash at Koksijde and never repaired.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Fairchild C-119F CP2 / OT-CAB (15th Wing)
The plane was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in September 1952 and in September 1955 it was transferred to the Norwegian Air Force (12693 / BW-B) with the CP1, CP4, CP6, CP7, CP8, CP11 & CP14. The other "F" models (CP1 to CP18) were upgraded to "G" standard and remained in the Belgian Air Force until 1975.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Bristol 171 Sycamore HR.14B B2/OT-ZKB (EPA Kamina)
Bought from Bristol (G-AMWR) the helicopter was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in June 1954.
Transferred to the Belgian Congo for SAR and transport missions, the helicopter was destroyed by the Belgian personal to avoid being captured by the rebels or the UN forces during the 1960's independence events.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Gloster Meteor F.8 EG111 (Company code M266)
The plane was delivered to the Belgian Air Force at the end of 1953 and retired from service in November 1957. The plane is pictured at the Fokker Company facilities in the Netherlands just before its delivery still wearing the Company code M266. EG111 was part of the second batch of 145 aircraft ordered and built under license by the Dutch manufacturer.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Douglas C-47B Skytrain (DC-3) K10/OTCWE (15th Wing) 
Delivered to the Belgian Air Force in October 1946, this plane was a former USAAF aircraft (43-48590). The plane remained in service until January 1976. The K10 was sold to Nile Delta Air Service in Egypt in 1977 and registered SU-AZM but flew with the Belgian paint scheme. 
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
De Havilland DH.4 E-?? (undefined) 
Picture taken late mid-1923 when the codes of the DH-4 fleet were standardized with the letter E followed by the aircraft number. 
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Stampe & Vertongen SV4bis V4 (EPE) 
Delivered to the Air Force in August 1948, the plane remained in service until December 1978. After a transfer to the Belgian Air Cadets, the plane was sold on the civilian market as OO-EIR Seen here in demonstration by Adjt Raes above the Boitsfort Hyppodrome during the summer of 1976 to commemorate the 75 years of the "Aeroclub Royal de Belgique" (©Serge Van Heertum)
Britten Norman BN2A Islander B11/OT-ALK (Light Avi) 
Delivered to the Belgian Army in January 1977, the plane had a full career before becoming a gate guardian at Bierset Air Base. Moved afterwards to the Beauvechain Histrical Center. Seen here during a demonstration at Goetsenhoven opendoor in 1979. (©Serge Van Heertum)

Republic F-84G     FZ168/IS-G     (22 Sqn)
The FZ168 (2136-030B) was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in June 1954.
On October 27th, 1954 the plane was lost in a fatal crash at Longwy (Fr)
killing the pilot Olt Dumez. The plane ran out of fuel and could not be recovered.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star  FT??   (3 Wing Tac)
No aircraft code can be seen on the picture but we are able to see the red crest with “LG” and the steps of the court of Liège showing the 3rd Wing membership. The plane was from the VSV (No Visibility Flight) Squadron and shortly based at Bierset airbase in 1954.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Fairey Battle Mk I T63 & T71 (5/III/3Aé) 
A paired flight a few months before the German invasion. 
T63 was delivered in March 1938 and abandoned in May 1940 at Evere. 
T71 was delivered in June 1938 and destroyed at Aalter on May 18th 1940.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Republic F-84F FU26 / 3R-T (2 Wing Tac) 
The FU26 was the solo display aircraft of Cpt Yvan Morialmé of the 1st Squadron "Thistle".
Seen landing during the Florennes airshow on June 24th, 1961.
The plane ended its career as a "Thundermirage" decoy.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Potez CM-170R     MT18     (EPA Brustem)
During an inverted training flight in the Brustem area in the early 1970's.
MT18 was sold to IAI in 1978 and later on became N312DM
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter  FX13  (10 Wing Tac)
Landing at Nancy-Ochey in 1971.
The plane was delivered in August 1963 and lost in a fatal crash 
on December 12, 1979 at Mellet. 
Cpt Martial Van Steenkiste (former Red Devils) lost his life in the crash.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Ansaldo A300-4 Registration unknown (1st Observation Group or Pilot Flying School)
Destroyed in a fatal crash landing and caught fire in the late 1920’s. The squadron and place of the crash is not known. Most of the pilots nicknamed the Ansaldo the "flying coffin".
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Hawker Hunter F.6 B1-IS / IF-133 (22 sqn)
On static display during a French airshow somewhere around 1960. The plane crashed at Château-Forcien (France) after a mid-air collision with IF-52 on October 9th, 1961. The IF-133 was written off in May 1962.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Airbus A321 CS-TRJ (21 sqn / Hi Fly – c/n 1004)
Just a beautiful picture taken on March 03, 2015 after heavy rain showers
(Johny De Visch)
Embraer ERJ-135 CE02 (21 Sqn)
At take-off from Brussels airport on November 09, 2006, destination moon?
(Serge Van Heertum)
Schleicher Ka 8B Glider PL52 (c/n 8345) (Belgian Air Cadets)
Acquired in June 1964, the glider was damaged in a crash at Oostmalle in August 1986. The glider was repaired and remained in use until May 2000.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
Dassault Mirage V BA BA52 (2 Sqn)
Delivered in August 1972, the plane is seen here in the early years of service. Preparing for a mission in the colours of Florennes based N° 2 Sqn. After storage in 1990, the plane was modified into Elkan and delivered to the Chilean Air Force as number 710.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
De Havilland DH.4 E-?? (undefined)
Picture taken after mid-1923 when the codes of the DH-4 fleet was standardized with the letter E followed by the aircraft number. The DH-4 remains into service until 1932.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Avro 504N X-?? (Pilot School)
This picture was taken mid-1930 during an airshow (can be the one of Liège in May 1934). We can see the X code of the Avro 504N fleet but sadly the aircraft number is unreadable. 52 aircraft were in service within the Belgian Military Aviation between 1934 and 1940.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Westland Seaking Mk 48 RS03 (40 Sqn)
Picture taken during a Belgian television broadcast event named “Le beau Vélo de Ravel” at Leuze on August 20, 2005. The helicopter landed on the parking lot of the Lidl shop and took off during heavy rain showers.
(Jacques Vincent)
Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51 RM-7/ OT-ZAG (21 Sqn)
Delivered to the Air Force in October 1954, the plane was demilitarized in March 1976 and transferred to the Molenheide park. The plane is now preserved at Melsbroek air base since 1998 . Seen here at Melsbroek in September 1959 when the plane brought back the champion Eddy Merckx from Blois after a heavy bicycle accident.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Airspeed AS.10 Oxford Mk II O-13 (VSV Brustem) (c/n 545)
Delivered to the Belgian Air Force in June 1947, the plane was flown by the VSV flight based at Brustem. The plane came from the Royal Air Force, coded ED191. This Oxford ended his career in September 1955.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Republic F-84G Thunderjet UR-Z (2 Sqn)
UR-Z is here seen in company of UR-Q (FZ 117) and UR-G (FZ 137) in June 1953 during Coronet exercice held at Chièvres.
Note the yellow nose of the 2 ATAF aircraft (as reconaissance sign)
vs the enemy of 4 ATAF...

The UR-Q crashed in September and UR-G in November 1953.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star FT37 (11 Sqn) (c/n 9623)
Delivered to the Belgian Air Force in April 1956, the plane was flown by the Koksijde fighter school. Later on the plane was based at Brustem airbase with 11 Squadron. FT37 was put into storage at the beginning of 1980 before being transported by a CH47 Chinook from Koksijde to RAF Alconbury. The picture was taken during a very low pass at the Brustem Airshow June 25, 1977.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter FX11 (1 WCTT) (c/n 683D-9028)
Before being delivered to the Air Force, the plane flew a certified world record in the hands of Bernard Neefs, test pilot at SABCA. The record was set on June 6, 1963 during a flight between Brussels and Le Bourget lasting only 9min 55sec. The plane was lost in a mid-air collision with FX52 on November 10, 1981 near Dinant killing the pilot. Seen here at take-off during a mass launch of 24 F-104G at the Brustem Airshow June 25, 1977
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Avro 504K A-5 (Pilot School)
The plane was delivered in 1921 and was written off in July 1924
This picture was taken at Asch airfield. Later on the school moved to Wevelgem airfield.
Note the Caudron G-III in the background
(Coll Serge Van Heertum/sbap)
Boeing B-727-29C CB02 (21 Ssn / 15 Transport Wing)
Former Sabena aircraft (OO-STD - c/n 19403/435), this quick change Cargo-Passenger aircraft was delivered to the Belgian Air Force on December 15, 1975.
The B-727 CB02 remained in service until 1998 and was later sold to Sonair in Angola as D2-EVD.
(Coll Johny De Visch)
Spad S.XIII C1   SP-9   (6 / II Aéronautique Militaire)
The plane wears the Red Cocotte of II Groupe
This squadron was based at Nivelles airfield after the WWI, the picture was probably taken around the mid 1920’s
(Coll Serge Van Heertum/sbap)
Hanriot HD-1 N°121
The plane wears the Belgian colours but it is not known if the plane was effectively delivered.
The picture was probably taken at Henriot facilities as we can see a kind of test probe on the left wing inter-plane struts. Belgium got around 80’s aircraft, some source mention 125, but this seems incorrect.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum/sbap)
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (83 group Instrument flight 2 Wing)
The beginning at Florennes around mid 1950’s.
Pictured are TR062 (FT03) – TR231 (FT06) – TR892 (FT24)
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
General Dynamics (Lockheed-Martin) F-16B FB01 (OCU 1st Wing)
The first F-16 being delivered wearing the 10th anniversary scheme.
Flying near Etna volcano in 1989
(Guy Rasse)

Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk XIV    UR-Z   (2 SQN))

On the Florennes flight line in 1949

 (coll SBAP)

Fairchild C-119G  CP44 / OT-CED (15 Wing)
Low level fly pass in the 1960's
(Coll SBAP)
Breguet XIV A2  BRE 1 Renault

This aircraft entered service post war in 1919. In 1920, the aircraft was damaged during an hard landing. The Breguet XIV fleet was retired from operational service in 1923, some aircraft were employed for communication purposes until 1928.
(Coll SBAP)
De Havilland DH.4   E-45  (11 Sqn)
The E-45 was delivered to the Aéronautique Militaire in January 1922. As from 1926 with a great reorganization in the aircraft numbers for the DH.4 were changed from “O-” to “E-”. The E-45 is seen here at Evere airfield during technical manipulations in the late 1920’s. Note the squadron “Marabout” insigna of the 11/IV/1Aé
  (Coll SBAP)

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash  FR28  (42 Sqn)
Formation flight during a Royal Flush in the late 1960’s. The plane was retired in November 1972 and is now preserved in the Brussels Air Museum.
  (Coll SBAP)

Lockheed F-104G starfighter  FX22  (10 Wing Tac)
During a flight above winter landscape. The plane was delivered in January 1964. After retirement in December 1982, the fighter was sold to the Turkish Air Force.
(Coll Paul Rorive)
Sud Aviation SA.313B AlouetteII  OL-A36  (Light Avi)
The helicopter is placed in container for the Belgo-Netherland Antarctic expedition in 1964-1965.
The helicopter was lost at Brasschaat on September
18th, 1974
(Coll SBAP)
Douglas DC-6A Liftmaster KY-1 / OT-CDA  (21 Sqn)

Start up somewhere in Africa in the Early 1960’s.

  (Coll SBAP)

Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc  SM14 (Flight VVS/EPA)
Crash landing at Brustem after a training flight in January 1948. The plane was repaired and flew until 1954.
(Coll SBAP)

Dassault Mirage V BR  (42 Sqn)
Formation flight with Danish Air Force Saab RF.35  Draken during squadron exchange in October 1984.
  (Coll Ludo Adons)

Fairey Fox (rolls Royce)  (1/I/1 La Mouette)
Moved from Goetsenhoven to Deurne on December 1st, 1939
The regiment is seen here at parade just before the war.
(Coll SBAP)

De Havilland D.H.114 "Heron" 2   OT-CGG    (Force Publique)
Bought in 1954, the plane was on duty for the Belgian Congo General Governor until June 1960
  (Coll SBAP)

Renard Stampe & Vertongen RSV22/180  V13  (Pilot School Wevelgem)
Ordered to replace the Morane Saulnier AR MS.35 and remaining Fokker D.VII.
The V13 entered into service in March 1928 until mid-1930’s when this kind of aircraft was replaced by the SV22 and the first generation of SV4.
(Coll SBAP)
North American AT-6 Harvard / Texan     (VVS/EPA Brustem)
Wing parade at Brustem early 1950’s.
Some SNJ-4 (Harvard) can be seen in the hangar, others outside are Harvard IIb and IIIb.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak  FU158 / 3R-P  (1 Sqn / 2th Wing)
At landing in the mid 1960’s.
The plane was delivered in March 1957 and declassed in December 1971
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Potez CM-170R     MT27     (EPA Brustem)
During a shooting campaign at Solenzara in the mid 70’s.
In 1979 the MT27 was sold to IAI and became later on the N313DM
(Coll Ludo Adons)

Dornier Do 27 J-1   D11 / OT-AMJ  (Light Avi)
In use between 1961 and 1977.Sold afterward to the civilian market.
Seen here during a high altitude special force drop in the late 1960’s.
 (Coll SBAP)

Lockheed F-104G  FX52  (31 Sqn)
In the ops area during Tiger Meet airshow 1978.

(Serge Van Heertum)

Gloster (Armstrong Withworth) Meteor NF.11  EN5/KT-S  (11 Sqn)
Taxiing at Beauvechain air
base in the mid 50’s.
Sold to Cogea Nouvelle in 1958 (OO-ARW)
 (Coll SBAP)

Potez CM-170R Fouga Magistar MT13 (7 Sqn)
& Embraer ERJ 145  CE03 (21 Sqn)
Formation flight in Namur area on August 2nd, 2002
(Serge Van Heertum)

Bristol 171 Sycamore HR.14B   B-2 / OT-ZKB
Mission in Belgian Congo in the late 1950’s

(Coll SBAP)
Lockheed-Martin F-16B/M  FB05  
“SABCA - 1000th” markings to indicate that this was the 1,000 th aircraft to be build or updated by the SABCA factory. This was also the last Belgian F-16 to go through the MLU program in March 2005.
(Coll SBAP – courtesy SABCA)

Gloster Meteor F.8  EG-229 
Seen during the Gosselies airshow in 1952
The plane was later in use by the 349 Sqn and later the fighter school until August 1963
(Coll Pierre Taquet)

Fairchild C-119G  CP17 / OT-CAQ  (40 Sqn)
Delivered in November 1952 as “F” model and
converted in “G” model as from 1955.
Back in service in June 1961 until October 1975.
(Coll SBAP)

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito T Mk.III    B2-A / MA1  (Fighter School)
 Former VR333 from the RAF, the plane was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in July 1947. Seen here at Koksijde Air Base begins 1950’s. The plane was written off from Belgian Air Force in April 1954.
 (Coll Jean Siccard)


Sikorsky (Sud Aviation) HSS-1 (S-58)   OT-ZKF / B6   (40 Sqn)
Seen here on the Belgian coast during an exercise with British troops and military Saunders Roe SR.N5 hovercraft.
Probably second part of the 1960’s as this kind of hovercraft did it first trials in 1964.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Lockheed-Martin C-130H Hercules  CH07  (20 Sqn)

Radar failure and trouble shooting during a winter night of 2012

 (Serge Van Heertum)

Gloster Meteor T.7  B2-O/ED3    (Fighter School-OTU)

The plane landed with "the great Saint Nicholas" at Koksijde air base

 (Coll Bruno Ghils)

Potez CM-170R     MT32     (EPA Brustem)

Former Red Devils plane during a formation training in begin 1979
  (Coll Paul Rorive)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star    FT16     (EPT)

During travel flight above Corsica heading Solenzara air base mid 1970's
  (Coll Marc Van Gindertael)

Republic RF-84F Thuderflash   FR31  (42 Sqn)
Bought from the Luftwaffe, the plane begun is Belgian career in 1965. After retirement in 1971 the plane was given to the Netherland museum of Gilze Rijen.
(Coll Ludo Adons)

Hawker Hunter F.6  OV-J,  OV-A, OV-K & OV-P  (7th Wing)
Royal visit at Chièvres air base in June 1962.
Note the line of 14 aircraft of the 8th squadron (Blue cocotte)
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

De Havilland DH.98  Mosquito NF-30   MB2  (RAF MM768)
Aircraft was taken by the Belgian Air Force in November 1947. Between 1947
 and 1951
the plane was assigned to the 10th Sqn as ND-H. It was transferred afterward to the 11th Sqn as KT-Q until 1956 when the plane was retired.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Auster AOP.6   A8   c/n 2824  (369Sqn AOP)
Former UK Army  aircraft (note the old code VT988 at under wing), was taken by the 369Sqn Air OP Brasschaat in 1947 . In September 1958, the plane was sold to the civilian market as OO-FDC. The remains are noted stored at Vissenaken for the Air museum of Brussels.

(Coll SBAP)

Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc   (Allied Flight Metropolitan Communications Squadron)

At Evere airfield probably in 1947 (note the belgian colors on the spinner).
More information’s are welcome.

(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Dassaut Mirage V BD    BD01   (8 Sqn)

In flight in the mid-1970. Wearing the early bare metal color scheme.

(Coll Ludo Adons)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak  FU108 / RA-K  (27 Sqn / 10th Wing)

Delivered in May 1956, the plane was damaged on April 15th, 1970 (cat 4) and never repaired for economical reason. Used for exhibition's, the plane is now at Florennes as gate guard.

(Coll Ludo Adons)

Potez CM-170R     MT18     (EPA Brustem)

In flight with the Red Devils in the late 1960's
Arrived in June 1960, the plane was written off in October 1978.
Transfered to IAI, the plane was sold to Bud Granley as N312DM

  (Coll Ludo Adons - Photographer Guy Putman)

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter   FX52  (10th Wing)

Delivered in June 1964 to the 31 Sqn. Painted in tiger scheme in 1978.
Stored at Koksijde June 1983. Sold to civilian collector and restored in Tiger Meet color scheme. Picture from mid 1960’s.

(Coll Ludo Adons)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak  FU179 / UR-Y  (2 Sqn)

Delivered in October 1957, the plane was damaged in June 1970 and written off in September 1970. Picture from mid 1960’s.

(Coll Ludo Adons)

Douglas C-47A "Dakota" 43-48396     OT-CNF / K15      (169 Wing)

At delivery in Belgium with the USAF colour scheme in 1946,
The plane became the K15

 (Coll Bruno Ghils)

Percival Proctor 4 & De Havilland DH-89A Dominie C.1     P3 & D6      (15 Wing)

Together at Brustem with a Harvard in background in the early 1950's

 (Coll Bruno Ghils)

Sikorsky (Sud Aviation) HSS-1 Seabat (S-58)      OT-ZKF / B6      (40 Sqn)

During a commando combined exercice in the late 1960's with the OT-ZKM.
Preserved at Brussels Air Museum.

 (Coll Bruno Ghils)

Supermarine Spitfire LF.IX E    GE-A / MJ748   (349 Sqn)

Rearmement after a mission during second world war in March 1944 at Hornchurch. Note the squadron insigna under the exhaust. The GE-A was shooted down on June 7th, 1944 above Caen probably by the German flak.
 Lt M. Sans was killed.

 (coll Bruno Ghils)

Stampe & Vertongen SV4bis     V21  (EPE)

In flight in the 1960's. The plane ended his military carreer as gate guard in 1970. Was sold afterward to the civil marked.

 (Coll SBAP)

Potez CM-170R     MT05     (EPA)

The Red Devils at Paris Le Bourget on June 7th, 1969.
Note the Vickers Vimy replica in the background

 (Coll SBAP)

Supermarine Spitfire F Mk XIV    SG22 / IQ-O   (Fighter School)

Formation flight with meteo F.4 in Koksijde area in 1950

 (coll SBAP)

Gloster Meteor F.4  EF31  (Fighter School)

Above Koksijde air base in 1950

 (Coll SBAP)

Potez CM-170R     MT27     (EPA)

On Brustem flight line a sunny afternoon in the 1970's
After end of service in January 1979, the plane was transfered at IAI

 (Coll SBAP)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star     FT27     (EPT)

At start up for a mission, Brustem air base in the late 1950's
Aircraft was lost in September 1961

  (Coll SBAP)

North American AT-6D Texan   H111   (EPA)
Just after a flight at Kamina air base (Congo) in the 1950's.
Pilot :
Kol Vl SBH Jan Van Brussel (+)
The plane was left in Africa after the departure of the Belgian.
 (Coll SBAP...Thx Raf for pilot info)

Republic F-84G   FZ78 /3R-Z  (1 Sqn)
On taxi at Florennes in the early 1950's.
The plame was lost in a crash on January 18th, 1955 killing the pilot

 (Coll SBAP)

Hawker Hunter F6  IF74 & IF18 (8 Sqn / 7 Wing)

Aligned in front of Fairey building at Gosselies in the 1958
Note Bristol Freighter in the background

 (Pic Jean Deval / Coll Jean-Luc Deval)

Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51      OT-ZAH / RM8      (21 Sqn)

overall in the late 1950's at Fairey Gosselies.
Aircraft aluminium colour with the red sheetline
 (Pic Jean Deval / Coll Jean-Luc Deval)

Gloster Meteor F.4  EF42 / SV-K  (4 Sqn)
Taking off from Beauvechain airbase in the early 1950's.
Later on the plane was modified in T.7 version as ED32

 (Coll SBAP)

Auster AOP Mk.6   A1  (369 Sqn)
Former RAF aircraft, delivered in August 1947.
The plane crashed at Whan in Germany on March 23, 1955

 (Coll SBAP)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star     FT3     (EPT)

During static display at Melsbroek airshow in 1967
 (Coll SBAP)

Sikorsky (Sud Aviation) HSS-1 Seabat (S-58)      OT-ZKH / B8      (40 Sqn)

Also during Melsbroek airshow in 1967

 (Coll SBAP)

Douglas Dakota IV (ex-RAF) &  C-47B Skytrain  (15 Wing)
 OT-CWS / K40  &   OT-CNB / K4

Both aircraft modified in NASARR trainer (F-104 nose). After operational career (note the missing flight controls and engines) in the early 1970's

 (Coll SBAP)

De Havilland D.H.104 "Dove"   (Force Publique)
OT-CFK : D11 & OT-CFN / D15

Somewere in Belgian Congo, probably Kamina, in the late 1950's

  (Coll SBAP)

Aero Commander 560F    OT-CWB   (15th transport Wing)
Arrival for an official visit of King Baudoin in his personal aircraft
(Coll SBAP)
Alpha Jet 1B   AT17   (9 Training Wing)
Close formation in the early 1980's, note the wing fuel tank for long travel
(Coll SBAP)
Fairchild C-119G  OT-CBQ  / CP37 (15 Wing) & Hunter F6  IF110 / JE-K (26 Sqn)
Combined exercice in 1959 or 1960
(Coll SBAP)

Hawker Hunter F6  IF86 (7 Sqn / 7 Wing)

On Chievres Airbase flight line in 1963

 (Coll SBAP)