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Text & Items: Serge Van Heertum  © sbap 2011


1966 was the year of the 20 the anniversary of the Belgian Air Force. This event was highlighted with  two international airshows, one held at Beauvechain on June 26th and another one at Koksijde airbase on July 10th.
This major event in the Belgian air Force history was also the occasions to launch different activities around the country. In Anderlecht, were I lived, on one of the city places a training airplane, a SV-4Bis was exposed and in a nearby shopping center all possible items about the Belgian Air Force could be bought. This was a large merchandising action giving the possibilities to buy postcards, decals, note-books, key-ring, desk flags, bedroom lamp, and ink blotter all with pictures of the Belgian Air Force planes in use. One of the most interesting items was a vinyl plate about the pilot life in the Belgian Air Force. Edited in the two national languages, the French version was narrated by a well-known journalist of the Belgian television broadcast Raoul Goulard. All benefit was for the FONAVIBEL association created in 1947 to help the family of Air Force victims.

This week SBAP propose a little overview of the different merchandising items that made the happiest hours of the Air Force fans of the 1960’s but also the possibility to listen the French version of the vinyl called “follow me”. So no much aircraft pictures on this page but certainly an original way to have a look at the past…enjoy!


The logo created for this event

(Courtesy Serge Bonfond)  
A desk flag in metal
A key-ring... A with the catchphrase : "Pilote, clé d'un départ en flèche dans la vie!"
Student copy-book... ...with Air Force informations at the backside
The postcard collection from Juva edition The different Air Force insigna in decals !
One of the ink-blotter
Listen to the vinyl plate...
The vinyl plate edited in the two national language... ...narrated by the journalist Raoul Goulard.
A réalisation of the Belgian Air Force headquarter.
(Click on the plate to listen the side 1 of the French version) (Click on the plate to listen the side 2 of the French version)