Bye Bye dash 200


Text : Serge Van Heertum Pictures : Serge Van Heertum (S.B.A.P.) and Guy Liesse


With the delivery of the first brand new Airbus A320 series planes it was a logic issue that the Boeing fleet was leaving the Belgian company.

The first "dash 200" left Brussels National Airport in march 1999. (Remark the OO-SDB and OO-SDC had left the company in the late eighties).


OO-SDA (pictures Serge Van Heertum)

Some die hard fans of this "real plane" decided (with agreement of management) to commemorate this sad event with a special marking.

Not a spectacular paint scheme but a little text on the nose.

On march 13th the OO-SDA registration disappeared and became F-GVAC to be delivered to the new owner : Aigle Azur.


Bruno Van Clee busy to place the stickers No more comments are needed
The "delta Alpha", the first to left the fleet after the gigantic Airbus ordering JP Notte, Operations Manager for the B-737 fleet
The last minutes of the "Delta Alpha"... become the F-GVAC


OO-SDN (pictures Guy Liesse)

Later in 1999 the last "dash 200" to leave  the Belgian National company  definitely was the OO-SDN.

For this one also a special marking was made. After the last flight of the day all the crew members, the technicians and all other Sabena manpower in charge of the planes last flight signed the aircraft on the left side of the nose.

A way to say goodbye to one of the best narrow body planes of the Sabena fleet. A page of the fleet history was turned off...


The "Delta November back from a flight on his last day No more comments needed either...
Note that the texts are on 2 differents positions on the left as from the right "Delta November" signed by the "Sabenian"


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