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1966 was the year of the 20 anniversary of the Belgian Air Force. This anniversary was highlighted with two international airshows, one held at Beauvechain on June 26th and another one at Koksijde airbase on July 10th.
page will give a little overview of the airshow held in Beauvechain thanks to some preserved pictures. Not the all demonstrations where photographed...may be some of our readers went at this place and have other treasures...wait and see...
At this time the airshow organised by the Belgian Air Force where always highlighted by the presence of the King and the Minister of defence. You will see at the end that the tradition was the presentation of the participating pilots to the King.

The Golden sixties are well over...sad !

The interior exhibitions with the FX84 tail Flying models
Technical school Meteo wing
Para commando regiment Navy and divers
Survival team Fly to your dream...more than fourty years ago
U.S. Army OV-1 "Mohawk" RAF BAC Lightning
US Navy A-4E "Skyhawk" Posing with the 313
USAF Mac Donnell F-4D "Phantom II" RNAF Northrop F-5B
The Fouga Magister of the Patrouille de France Fiat G-91 PAN from the well known Frecce Tricolori
The operational zone A beautifull aircraft without great commercial succes
You can't make a mistake ! Northrop F-5A Norvegian solo display
Arrival of MOD Mister Charles Poswick Sikorsky S-58 OT-ZKM and the Breguet 941S at landing
Patrouille de France Line astirn pass
The metal colour scheme period Final break
The RAF Red Arrows and their Foland Gnat Salute to the Belgian Air Force flag
Piper L-18c of the Belgian light avi Also from light avi the Alouette II
16:30 arrival of King Baudouin 1er King visit, a tradition in the 1960s
The RAF "Red Falcons" jump team dropped from an Argosy A well apprecieted team in the 1960-1970's
FU55 presented by Maj Avi Marette Republic F-105 "Thunderchief" formation from Spangdhalem
The Belgian Red Devils leaded by Maj Avi Jacques "Red" Dewalheyns Low low level cross !
Explanaitions to the MOD and the King Base attack performed by the 2 Wing Tac "Streaks"
Mass drop from Fairchild C-119G The para commando will take position on the base
All team leaders and diplay pilots congratulated by King Baudouin after the show This was a tradition at this time !
All pilots posing for the picture. In middle Maj Avi Jacques "Red" Dewalheyns leader of the "Red Devils"
Show is over... The King will fly back to Brussels

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