Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys sbap 2014

The history of the Air Force took a new page with the arrival of the first NH-90. March 2014, 2 TTH models already in use with the 18th squadron (former 18th Battalion) are currently carrying out training missions. We presented the evolution of the contract and arrival of this helicopter made in Europe in our pages at various times. Please do have a look at these pages through the links below.

First Belgian helicopter in constrution

First Belgian NH90 delivered

First time in Belgium
First NFH revealed
Belgian roundels

As we had the opportunity to have a closer look at this new mount, it seemed convenient to bring a walk-around to get to know this resolutely modern machine and to give a helping hand to our readers enthralled of scale models. At this day, the German brand Revell proposes a neat scale model of the NH-90 in its TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and NFH (Naval Frigate Helicopter) versions. We present you the NH-90 TTH and perhaps we will be able to show you the NFH version later on.

Nose section left side Entrance step and registration
Radar, cable cutter, nose wheel, pitot... Pitot tube and missile launch detector location
Glass with intern elements Steps combined with battery bay access door and inflatable balloon
Battery bay access door open Avionic bay filtered air intake
External fuel tank connector and fixation point (X2) Nose wheel and cable cutter
Upper fuselage elements UHF / VHF antenna, DME antenna and external hydraulic connectors
External hydraulic connectors Cooling air exhaust
General view left side with cargo door Chaff / Flares dispenser location
Cargo door latching
Cargo door roller fairing Cabin boarding step
Cargo door Engine intake FOD screen and main rotor
Hydraulic refill access and fairing unlock system Oil refill access and connectors (above cargo door)
General view of rear engine fairing Air intake
Main rotor Blade mounting
Forward engine fairing Engine exhaust
HF antenna HF antenna detail
Warning markings VOR antenna
Rear UHF / VHF antenna Main wheel fairing
Main wheel fairing Main wheel
Main landing gear Shock strut absorber fairing
Navigation light Formation light
General view with inflatable balloon RWR antenna location and cargo ramp access door
Cabin air exhaust Position of rear window, main gear fairing and HF antenna

Latching ring

Rear window
Access doors and danger markings Intermediate gearbox vent (left)
Tail rotor, rotor hub pitch and left tail view
Tail rotor detail Static discharger

Rear formation light

Right side tail view
Tailplane Left tail folding system
Tail folding system (left) Tail folding system (right)
Other view of the tail folding system (right) Folded tail bumper
Intermediate gearbox vent (right) Tail and tailplane support strut
Tail rotor gearbox fairing Tail rotor fairing with upper anti-collision light and tail navigation light
Tailplane upper view
Right side general view
Rescue hoist winch Rescue hoist winch (removable system)
Main right landing gear fairing Rear fuel gravity filter point and shock strut absorber fairing
Rear fuel gravity filter point Inflatable balloon and formation light
RWR antenna location Pressure refueling connecting point
Right cabin boarding step Chaff / Flare dispensers
Chaff / Flare dispensers Chaff / Flare dispensers mounted and missile launch detector above
Cargo door roller fairing, DME antenna, hydraulic connectors and APU exhaust Avionic bay filter air intake and battery bay access door
Cargo sliding door and cargo engeneer joy stick
Right cargo door latching system Pitot tube, windscreen washer bottle filler and missile launch detector location
Missile launch detector mounted Nose wheel
Lower UHF / VHF antenna (under right)
Cargo ramp door Cargo ramp door fixation system
General windscreen front view Windscreen wiper

Wipers and MLS antenna

Cable deflector, wiper and upper cable cutter
Weather radar and possibility to add a FLIR turret Weather radar, UHF / VHF antenna (left) and cable cutter (right)
Cockpit door (outer side) Cockpit door (inner side)
Under view of the body with the anti-collision light Rear view with the cabin air exhaust and the cargo hoist bay
Front with nose landing gear folded, weather radar, deployed landing light... ...cable cutter, UHF / VHF antenna's
Engines Engines fairing upper view
Engines fairing upper view with walk pad Drive shaft fairing, GPS antenna (up the fairing) and VOR antenna
General cockpit view
Lift side screen Right side screen
External view showing the dashboard elements
Center instrument panel Center instrument panel
Collective Cyclic

Overhead panel

Overhead panel
Rear left seat Rear right seat

Cargo general view

Observator jump seat
Cargo roof Cargo roof with ropes
Cargo door open Cargo door closed
Cargo door up position Roof elements near the cargo door
Non protected roof part Emergency handle
Rear cargo (left side) Rear cargo with command stick (left side)
Rear cargo (right side) Rear cargo (right side)
Cargo door inside view Cockpit access
Left cockpit access Right cockpit access
Rear right seats Rear left seats
Front left seats Front right seats
Folded seat Deployed seat

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