Sikorsky HSS-1 walkaround


Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


In the early 1960’s the Belgian Air Force bought five French build Sikorsky HSS-1. These helicopters were assembled at Marseille Marignane under licence of Sud Aviation.

Two helicopters were assigned to the Belgian Navy and equipped with minesweeping equipment.

The others were used by the Belgian Air Force mostly for search and rescue purposes but also for transport. In 1963, seven former Sabena helicopters were handed over by the Belgian Air Force. The seven machines were Sikorsky S-58C types.
After the delivery of the five Westland Seaking Mk48 in 1976 three HSS1’s remained in service for a number of years as training helicopters. One of those HSS-1 was the OT-ZKD / B4 delivered to the heli flight on May 4th, 1961. After his career end and last flight held on December 5th, 1984 the helicopter was kept for preservation at the Koksijde Air Base. Sometimes this helicopter is used as a static display during airshow or recently for PCM (post crash management) exercises.


After a couple of pictures from the “Kilo Delta” carreer, you will find a walkaround of this machine. Hopefully this walkaround will help our modeling readers to make a wonderful helicopter !


Formation flight with Navy Flight at Florennes airshow in 1979 Winshing demonstration, note the landing light deployed
Stored in Koksijde Air Base hangar During a post crash management exercice in 2004


The "Kilo Delta" Windows position are different at left and right side
The belly with a visible part of the engine The underside
The retractable landing light and exhaust Refueling points under the right cabin windows
Left side cabin windows Fuel drain
Step points to get in the cockpit Left side foldable tail hinges details
Right side foldable tail hinges details Winshing system
Main whell Tail wheel
Left main gear Right side of the tail wheel
Main rotor details Main rotor and navigation light
Tail rotor Engine covers
Tail view Tail and stabiliser position Left side tail detail
Engine and covers Art paint on the B4 for his end of carreer

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