Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Coll SBAP - Drawing: Alexander Vandenbohede sbap 2014
The early year in "Full Metal" (Coll SBAP) In the mid 1970's (Coll SBAP)

F-104G FX39 was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in May 1964 and appointed to the 1 Fighter Wing at Beauvechain. After a problem less career, the aircraft was demised in January 1980 to the technical school at Saffraanberg. Used as an instructional airframe for the future technicians of the Air Force, the aircraft was kept in a fairly good condition and even received a rejuvenation treatment on its engine, making several run-ups permitting as this to hear once again the particular sound of the Starfighter and its General Electric J-79-11-A.

During the photo shoot in 2008 the chief of the workplace told me that on several occasions one had tried to move the aircraft to other bases. This was without counting on the pugnacity of this workplace-chief who was fiercely opposed to let go this aircraft. As he said it : "Over my dead body". But in October 2010, the aircraft was moved to the Limburg base of Kleine Brogel. Let us augur that this move was done after the retirement of this F-104 passionate chief and that he is doing well...
Please do find the walkaround of FX39 from the 1 All Weather Fighter Wing, hoping this page will bring some interesting details to our keen scale-model readers.

FUSELAGE left side
Pitot Infra red sensor
General view of the emergency release and stencil Detail of the emergency release
The gun doors The gun muzzle
Gun muzzle Gun access door
Angle of incidence sensor General view of the left side
Pressurized refueling point Integrated UHF, IFF & Tacan antenna with the formation flight white light
Refueling point Auxiliary tanks control
Left air intake Duct inspection door
Air intake general view Control door and port navigation light
Upper fuselage access doors
Port red light Access door
Auxiliary gravity fueling point Bleed air exhaust
Speed brake
FUSELAGE right side
Some special markings
Circuit breakers access door Canopy release and markings
The radar cover with the "Kicker" sensor
The "Kicker" engaging the stick shaker in case of stall External temperature probe
Oxygen refueling point Electronic refrigerator air intake
Ram air turbine and outlet of the electronical bay Ram air tubine
Riging pin access door
Right air intake
General view Duct access door and starboard position light
Electronic compartiment access just after the cockpit
Armament storage compartiment Auxiliary tank access door
Different access doors on upper right fuselage
Speed brake
Navigation light on the rear fuselage

Arrestor hook spring viewer

Nose underside view with Radar vents, jack point, TACAN antenna (covered) and cockpit access hatch
Fuel tank pump access doors
Cartridge ejector
Right side Left side

Detail of the refrigerator scoop

Center line protection plate, can be replaced by the center pylon
Just before the main landing gear doors Under the left air intake

Same on the right  side

Landing gear main door and keel beam

External electrical porwer
Generator cooling door
Underside before the belly fairing The skin between the wing and the landing gear door

Wing / fuselage karman

Drag chute housing just after the arrestor hook
Fire access doors for the fire brigades Hydrolic system access door with the belly fairing
Arrestor hook
Wing pylon or fuel tank fixation systems
Upper surface with flaps and slats
The right wing
Underside of the wing

Jack point

Between the body and the pylon
General view
Uderside of horizontal stabilizer
General view of the right side Main access door
Horizontal stabilizer fixation
Nose landing gear Nose wheel
Nose gear wheel bay The lock system
Nose wheel door right... ...and left
Main landing gear Main wheel
Auxiliry door Landing gear bay
Door Actuators
EQUIPMENT: Wing Fuel Tank & Pylon

Wing drop fuel tank

Detail on the fuel tank winglet
The fuel tank pylon
The inner side of the pylon
Exhaust Exhaust nozzles
General Electric J-79-11-A
The 3 parts canopy

Cockpit and ejection seat

Windshield and infra red sensor
Detail of the ejection handle

General view of the dashboard

Undercarriage control, Generator control and surface trim light

Armament control panel

Radar scope

Engine control instruments

Fuel, pressure and radar antenna control
Left side panel Throttle quadrant
Left side panel Right side front panel
Mid right control panel Rear right control panel
Rudder pedal
General cockpit architecture (Interceptor)

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