Pictures : Luc Dujardin sbap 2011


Walkaround of this rescue helicopter based in the Belgian Ardennes. The life guard of Bra-sur-Lienne.


Engine :
2 x
Turbomeca Ariel 1E2
of 2x780 ch
Maximum speed : 254 km/h
Cruise speed : 241 km/h
Maximum range : 510 km
Maximum weight : 3 585 kg
Empty weight : 1 804 kg
Maximum payload : 1 770 kg
Main rotor diameter : 11,00 m
Tilt main rotor : 5
Tail rotor diameter : 1,96 m
Lenght (rotors in action): 13,03 m
Body lenght : 10,19 m
Wide: 1,845 m
Height including rotor : 3,
95 m
Ground spacing : 0,4
46 m
Ground spacing on tail : 1,30 m


Without undercarriage but skis, the CMH EC-145 stays on
a rolling platform to make easier and faster ground movements
The front light on the nose
The cockpit of EC-145 provides clear and wide view for pilots Under the belly, the xenon search light "Night Sun" is used in night flights
Left side of the turbine section and the covering panels Left side : exhaust gas nozzle
Right side : air intake Upper front view with upper cable cutter, both air intakes and main rotor
Rear rotor with strobe lights The tail section with rear rotor rear elevators and twin tail rudders
Immatriculation is worn on the external
side of the twin tails
main rear view The back door allows the load of a stretcher
Close-up on the rear rotor mechanism Rear rotor viewed during the helicopter landing
Left side wide open. Cockpit door moves forward
and side door slides backwards to give wide access to the cabin
The pilot's seat with his SPH-4B helmet
The pilot's office : a glass cockpit with a lot of multifunction screens From left to right : the clock, airspeed indicator, artificial horizon, altimeter
and torque are the only analogic instruments in the cockpit
the radio and navigation panels close-up on the GPS
Engines control panel Collective pitch control
Cockpit view from the pilot seat Cyclic control lever Nav panels and autopilot switches
Flight hours totalizer Overhead panel and circuit breakers
Right view of the  cabin with medical gear The stretcher and the medic seat
The stretcher and the medic seat other side view The CMH helicopter has all the medical technology needed for emergency rescue, including spot lighting and air conditionning of the cabin
Medic seat, on the left, beside the stretcher
The identification plate of the OO-NHB Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen logo.
This Oostende based society is the owner of the CMH EC-145


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